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Jeans and Trouser recommendation for PEAR SHAPE

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TheRealMBJ Sun 16-Aug-15 12:40:56

I am mid 30s, and of normal weight, a size 10-12, and generally considered slim but have VERY wide hips. As am a partime WAHM I do wear a 'uniform' of jeans and tops mostly with the occasional A-line skirt or dress.

I really need new jeans and would like some alternative trousers too. I used to be a GAP devotee but feel they have become very expensive for the quality (is it just me or are they flimsier now?)

What are your top choices for a pear shape?

TheOriginalWinkly Sun 16-Aug-15 12:42:39

I'm fatter than you but also very pear shaped and New Look high waisted skinny jeans are surprisingly good.

Zorion Sun 16-Aug-15 15:34:04

Levi curve, I love them! They're sized in different bum sizes, so I get a Demi curve 28 which is like a 10-12 waist but extra bum/hips room.

squizita Sun 16-Aug-15 15:38:56

YY curve jeans.

I also like a PJ/wide leg trouser in a thick cotton good. Looks kind of balanced while emphasising the waist. Lots around atm!
My waist/hip ratio is crazy ... like I'm wearing a wasp corset but with tennis player legs. I don't disguise it, but I like it to look neat and balanced iyswim.

TheRealMBJ Sun 16-Aug-15 15:44:08

Great! Just been looking at Levis online as they have a great sale on. I don't really want to disguise my shape just want to look neat and not scruffy

Don't really want to go about in kaftans IYKWIM

SilverBlur Sun 16-Aug-15 17:23:55

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SilverBlur Sun 16-Aug-15 17:24:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TheRealMBJ Sun 16-Aug-15 18:29:16

Worth a trip to the Levis shop then.

I look terrible in pencil skirts.if it fits my waist I cannot get it over my hips and thighs and if it fits round my hips I have FEET spare around my waistgrin grin

TheRealMBJ Sun 16-Aug-15 18:30:10

I must add, I have NO booty. I am very flat bottomed, just wide hipped.

squizita Sun 16-Aug-15 19:24:29

You can wear A line if the waist is high, and it doesn't skim your hips (so pretty darn "A")... This emphasises your waist and the A shape would look that shape on anyone as it's clear of the hip zone. Avoid thick, clunky, linen "frumpy trying to be surfer" fabrics too.

squizita Sun 16-Aug-15 19:26:57

Stretch pencil skirts are my failsafe - H&M and Primark are cheap and fit fine.
Or a good repro 50s firm (Freddies, Heyday etc) often have bigger waist/hip ratio than high street stores.

TheRealMBJ Sun 16-Aug-15 20:12:31

I do tend to wear high waisted A-line as it emphasises my waist and looks no different than it would on other figure over the hips.

will look at 50s repro for pencil skirts.

HermioneWeasley Sun 16-Aug-15 20:14:53

Peacocks slim leg jeans are perfects for pears

PeoniesforMissAnnersley Sun 16-Aug-15 20:30:47

River island "Molly" are great - if you can find a plain pair without glitter etc all over them.
J Crew toothpick are lovely but £££

I second the pencil skirt thing I spent years in A-line skirts and dresses before having a style intervention and trying a pencil skirt, it's worth persevering to find one that fits as they take pounds off compared to A lines,
I had to keep (truthfully) denying that I had dropped weight!

WorktoLive Mon 17-Aug-15 08:11:38

Watching with interest as I have a size 10 waist and size 14 arse/hips. Oasis Cherry have been a staple for me in the past and will be looking there again. I've seen Oasis mentioned on here before as being good for curvy figures.

Have recently lost weight so need new clothes and am dreading the frustration of massive waists on everything - everything seems to be cut for apple shapes - is this the majority now?

I want to try the Levis curve jeans but they are ££££s and I have no idea what size I'd need. But I see they have an excellent sale right now. Might have to investigate.

TheRealMBJ Mon 17-Aug-15 08:22:11

Work, there's a really good sale on at levi's I think I am going to get a pair and try them on here at home.

FreiasBathtub Mon 17-Aug-15 09:07:48

I was coming along to recommend Levi's curve but see I am late to the party!

Once you've figured out what size fits you, you can sometimes pick them up on the TK Maxx website - I just got a gorgeous pair of teal ones for £20. I've found them instore as well, so it's worth keeping your eyes peeled.

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