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How to accessorize??

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desperatelyseekingamovingdate Sun 16-Aug-15 10:10:02

Honestly I am so useless at this I even had to google the correct spelling of the word so you wouldn't think i was a total numpty!

However I have realised that a nice outfit can look AMAZING when accessorized correctly but I am clueless. My DS has only just got past the stage of breaking my necklaces by swinging off of them and I hadn't dared to wear earrings for the same reason.

I have a few bits of nice jewellery, a stainless steel skagen set and a purple stoned set but they are quite discrete. I do have a couple of statement pieces that I bought for a wedding from Next but I always feel a bit overdone in them as I am only going to soft play etc with the kids, although I see other people wearing them and I think they look great. My biggest problem is I still dont feel grown up enough to wear the clothes I want to iyswim?

I am rubbish with scarves, I have no idea how to finish an outfit with a jacket etc so any and all advice appreciated. My youngest is 18mo so I am just getting out of my baby induced style rut and loosing my baby weight.

I am a size 16-18, blonde highlights, greeny - blue eyes and short if that helps.

I usually just chuck on my skinnys and a striped long sleeved top and then wonder why I feel like a poor, badly dressed student circa 1995!

SuperFlyHigh Sun 16-Aug-15 12:45:18

It depends what you suit in my opinion re jewellery. Maybe try a couple of statement pieces unlike your Next ones (Accessorize were doing their 70% off sale) and I got a nice silver colour bar necklace from H&M for three quid or so.

for example I got a blue dress with a zig zag pattern from Oasis (Ebay) then got before that a sort of Aztec turquoise zig zag sequin cuff from Accessorize - put it together and it looks great.

Some really nice earrings - can't link but search for Whistles chain silver ones - are pretty but also everyday. I also got a nice pair of silver blue drop earrings from Top Shop that I saw in Grazia. It helps that I like both styles though.

Jackets you need to find what suits you - is it a blazer, denim, leather biker etc, or tweed jacket? once you know just pop that over whatever you're wearing - leather biker goes with lots but e.g. black skinny jeans. If you see a great leather biker jacket that you know you'll wear a lot then get it. I got a fab H&M one about 3 years ago and I wear it a lot. Denim jackets - I got a pale H&M Divided one which is ok but I don't wear it as much as I could so I will look out for a darker more flattering one.

Scarves I can't help there - I don't wear them - again see what you like - is it a silk/chiffon one with flowers or plain or a printed one. try them on with different outfits.

if you know a friend who will shop with you and kids do that occasionally and try on stuff - see what suits you.

Magazines/blogs often good for ideas.

hotCocolepew Sun 16-Aug-15 13:06:03

Infinity scarves are easier to wear, either let them hang long or twist it over your head once IYSWIM?

desperatelyseekingamovingdate Sun 16-Aug-15 20:31:41

Thanks everyone, this evening I got everything out of my wardrobe and have put a few bits together. Debenhams are doing an upto 70% of sale so I have ordered a few bits on there. To make it more complicated I am doing project 333 capsule wardrobe, so I need something that goes with most things.

I have some lovely bits I just need to give myself permission to wear them and stop keeping them for best.

hotCocolepew Sun 16-Aug-15 21:38:25

Funnily enough me and my friend were just talking about keeping things for good, we never go anywhere special to wear them!

Oly5 Mon 17-Aug-15 08:07:23

Ive just bought this. Pricey but goes with everything - work, evenings out, a plain black top and skinnies. Don't be afraid to be bold!

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