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too frumpy

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nooddsocksforme Sat 15-Aug-15 19:01:04
I posted a link to this t-shirt from mint velvet on another thread about a night out in London and it clearly was felt to be wrong. I live in a much less sophisticated part of the country and have loads of folk coming over next weekend. Will wear jeans as its in the house but would like a dressier top . I did have this but took it back after the other post. however i havnt found anything else I like so have sent for it again. Is it awful and if so what else can I wear with navy or grey jeans

Twinkie1 Sat 15-Aug-15 19:04:43

I really like it. I'd wear it with grey jeans.

foolmadammas Sat 15-Aug-15 19:07:15

I like it, I have one very similar, and wouldn't have considered myself frumpy when wearing it :-(

Honestly, I don't live in London and I would happily wear this at the kind of occasion you suggest.

Deeznutz Sat 15-Aug-15 19:20:11

I think this is lovely and would work with jeans.

Mimigolightly Sat 15-Aug-15 19:26:13

I think it's lovely - in fact I may just buy it too. Everywhere is so casual these days - even going to the theatre, etc. I think you should go for it.

PuppyMouse Sat 15-Aug-15 19:28:05

Who on earth said this was frumpy? I think it's lovely confused

Happy36 Sat 15-Aug-15 19:35:07

How old are you? I think it's fine, but I don't like the trousers and shoes they have matched it with in the photograph.

itsaldramarama Sat 15-Aug-15 20:19:21

Can't see no frump ! I think it's lovely and will suit the occasion smile

nannyplumislostinspace Sat 15-Aug-15 20:23:32

I think it's lovely. Not frumpy at all!

nooddsocksforme Sat 15-Aug-15 20:30:21

thanks everyone -feel much better about it now. TBF they said it wasnt suitable for the occasion (a night out in London) as it was too dressy and I was prob being oversensitive

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