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Long gym tops that don't ride up??

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Longleggedlovely Fri 14-Aug-15 23:34:35

I need new tops for going to the gym including spin, circuits and kettle bell classes (I'm on a mission!) I've bought some wicking tops but they all seem to ride up to expose the fat belly I'm trying to get rid off so I spend a lot of the class pulling them down!

Any ideas for nice long tops that will stay put? I'm happy with tops or vests or is layering the way to go?

ThoseAwfulCurtains Fri 14-Aug-15 23:47:56

I use this for yoga. The band on the bottom keeps it in place ish. It rides up a bit in downward facing dog but it never shows the skin above my shorts.

dontcryitsonlyajoke Sat 15-Aug-15 06:53:42

I have a karrimor racer back running vest in black. It survives a tough kettlebell session without much ride. Not so good when running though, even though that's what it's for!

HazleNutt Sat 15-Aug-15 07:52:22

I have this that works nicely

or what about this type?

BearPear Sat 15-Aug-15 07:59:05

Saw a gym top in Next yesterday that had a cord round the hem with a toggle to tighten it, that might suit? It had a built-in soft bra which is no good for any kind of high-impact workout, but I guess you could wear a regular sports bra too.

Pussycatbow Sat 15-Aug-15 08:04:53

I've solved it from the other direction by wearing bottoms designed for yoga with a very high extended roll up waist band. That way any top does the job. Sweaty Betty does them in a Capri style.

Noseypoke Sat 15-Aug-15 08:41:59

Sweaty Betty athlete vests are great for not riding up.

Greenteandchives Sat 15-Aug-15 08:47:23

Jenny Falconer XPG vest tops with a drawstring bottom. Available from Debenhams on line. So comfortable and light to wear. Also very flattering.

Mimigolightly Sat 15-Aug-15 12:16:00

Sweaty Betty Mantra vests are great: come in a variety of colours, long in the body, ribbed and don't ride up. They also wash well and last for ages.

AvonleaAnne Sat 15-Aug-15 13:49:13

I have this Nike running dress which I wear to spin, run and Pilates. It says it's a dress but I'm 5'9" and it is more like a long top on me. The draw cord above the skirt section keeps it from riding up and it is really comfortable.

Longleggedlovely Sat 15-Aug-15 15:32:11

Thank you all, lots of suggestions! Will have a look through after having had yet another flashing moment at they gym this morning! Once my flab has gone I'll be buying one of them teeny tiny crop tops, haha!

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