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Where do other frugal females in their mid-20's shop?

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TheMaddestHatter Fri 14-Aug-15 14:52:11

I'm hoping to get myself a few new outfits and accessories next payday.

My sister (also mid-20's) is very stylish and loves buying clothes, so will often pick things up for me, or give me things she's only worn herself once or twice. But she's a completely different shape to me (she is 5'9 and very 'straight' whereas I'm 5.6 - and a half - with a bigger chest and hips and rounder tum/bum). We're both size 10-12.

But the things she's been giving me such as blouses or jersey tops aren't what I'm comfortable in as I feel they are too tight. I like things that are quite baggy on my top half - not clingy or that show cleavage.

I'm sorted for work as I'm only permitted to wear black trousers, black flats and smart top there anyway.

But I'm looking for casual clothes and casual bag.

My ideal kind of style is Yumi. But I've been told by a few friends on the rare occasions I've bought things from here that they're either more suited for teenagers or are too frumpy.

An example of something I like but have been told is frumpy:

Can anyone give me any inspiration? I just want to feel comfortable and somewhat stylish for once. I have very pale skin and long dark hair if that matters as to what will suit me.

justkeeponsmiling Fri 14-Aug-15 15:11:20

Hi OP, no advice really as I don't really have a favourite shop, but I really like the top you linked to - I don't find it frumpy at all! Surely it depends on how you style yourself overall that determines if you look frumpy!
Saying that, it sounds like you are curvy and as such your body shape doesn't really suit that the baggy top/skinny bottom look (I don't think so anyway, I'm no expert tbh!)
I think to suit your shape and not look boxy and much larger than you are I would try and go for something that defines your waist a bit more, even if the top is otherwise long and baggy, iyswim

chanie44 Fri 14-Aug-15 15:18:47

I don't think the jumper is frumpy, but it may be wrong for you.

I can only reiterate what the Previous poster says about dressing for your shape.

chanie44 Fri 14-Aug-15 15:20:12

Try dressippi website. You answer questions about your body shape and it links to items that may suit you.

Annarose2014 Fri 14-Aug-15 15:26:38

You should check out Primark. No joke, a lot of their tops are a bit looser. Their silky/soft blouses in particular are famous for hanging well and hiding a multitude.

scribblegirl Fri 14-Aug-15 15:45:00

I like Yumi but tend to go for Oliver Bonas or Joy because they have the cute edge but feel a little bit older. I like a few bits from H&M and ASOS and have recently bought a few things in the sale at Urban Outfitters and & Other Stories.

Your shape sounds like mine - we're the same height too! grin - I'm a size 12 hourglass. I tend to either go for belts over baggier dresses or a loose top tucked into a high wasted skirt. I'm not a fan of trousers as I have skinny legs so tend to look robot shaped!

My casualwear tends to be something like this: with a cardi over the top

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