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What did you wear today?

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nilbyname Thu 13-Aug-15 21:29:21

It was cool and wet here today, felt like early autumn.

I had the kids and had to pack for a weekend away.

Mid blue skinnies- whistles
Nike black on black internationalists
Grey oversized t-shirt- h and m
Blush leather cross body saddle bag- Clarks
Tan trench- Aquasctumn

cashewnutty Thu 13-Aug-15 22:21:54

It was boiling here but unfortunately i had to go to work. I wore Jaeger navy trousers, a Cos top and navy wedge sandals. I didn't need a coat or even a cardigan. My work bag is from Accessorise.

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Thu 13-Aug-15 22:22:30

Jeans and a long sleeved t-shirt - I was too warm.

Norfolknway Thu 13-Aug-15 22:25:18

It was hot here, too

Army green, mid calf dress
Oversized black denim jacket
Leopard print supergas
Ray Bans grin

PrettyObvious Thu 13-Aug-15 22:25:29

Forecast high here today was 38°c, which was probably reached, if my car temperature reading was anything to go by.
I was working and wore a Fenn Wright Manson cotton-lined silk dress (Passiflora) and a Jaeger linen jacket.
I was hot, but looked smart.

applecatchers36 Thu 13-Aug-15 22:38:37

Wet, cold & Autumnal here too
Bold curve Levi's,
Uniqlo Breton top
Brown boots
Toast navy parka

Iliveinalighthousewiththeghost Thu 13-Aug-15 22:43:50

My dress from Asda. It's red with lighter red flowers which are surrounded by a navy and white boarder. It was only £14. Navy blue shoes and navy bag. I thought the weather was fine today. Not too hot or too cold

Loveleopardprint Thu 13-Aug-15 22:45:10

I wore everything in my wardrobe for approximately 40 seconds. Having a massive clear out and deciding what to keep.
Muggy and wet in London. Great combination. Autumn leaves on the streets though which is rarely weird for mid August.

CointreauVersial Thu 13-Aug-15 22:48:29

Rainy, but as usual my office was baking. I wore:

Deep pink leopard print top, LK Bennett
Greige tailored trousers, White Stuff
Black suede low heeled shoes, M&S

I didn't feel hugely comfy in this outfit. I've put on a few pounds since I last wore the trousers, and they were a little on the tight side. And the top is quite wide-necked, so I have to wear a strapless bra, which felt sticky and uncomfortable. Humph.

HeisenbergSaysHello Thu 13-Aug-15 22:51:52

Been a beautiful day here but still a bit breezy

I wore..
Dark green khaki print skinny jeans
Khaki green vest top
Black gladiator sandals
Black leather jacket when it got chilly

BlueBananas Thu 13-Aug-15 23:01:48

I wore
Stripy vest top
Denim shirt (wore open)
Black leggings for the 2 &1/2 hours I was out
Horrible black mum-jogger bottoms (the kind with no elastic round the bottom) for the rest of the day

I'm very pregnant and quite offensive to the eye ATM, but fuck you I need comfort grin

Loveleopardprint Thu 13-Aug-15 23:02:34

Really not rarely!

Dowser Thu 13-Aug-15 23:13:34

I'm in Dorset and it was cool.i wore black suede boots, a boho skirt dark red with large bold black , cream and dash of purple flowers. Very striking. £4 charity shop.( brand new too) black long sleeved top with white stitching round neck and sleeves.

New black Jessica Simpson down jacket

Very fetching I looked too ;-)

desperatehousewife21 Fri 14-Aug-15 07:51:25

It's so hard dressing for mild but wet conditions as jeans still make me hot and anything not cotton just gets soaked.

Yesterday I wore black thick leggings from RI, white vest top and kimono and was just right.

WanderingTrolley1 Fri 14-Aug-15 08:00:33

Yesterday I wore:
Black patent Mayari Birkenstock
3/4 length blue jeans from Matalan
Blue/beige ditsy floral tunic from Att. (Foreign)
Beige Boden cardigan

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Fri 14-Aug-15 08:00:39

Yes - I think mild and wet is the hardest weather to dress for. And it's chucking down here today and I lost my brolly yesterday. I hate brollies - am always losing them.

GeorginaWorsley Fri 14-Aug-15 08:30:16

Totally agree re mild and wet.
We were travelling home from Cornwall so in a car all day dodging rain.
I wore
Boden bistro animal print ankle grazers in grey and navy
Grey slouchy tee shirt with silk insert,Mint Velvet
White leather Stan Smiths.

Dowser Fri 14-Aug-15 09:18:18

It didn't rain in Salisbury . It's making up for it now. Right now I'm wearing little camisole nightie.

Haven't decided what for later.

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