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Lady in boots had great skin.....

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Indecisivejo Thu 13-Aug-15 19:12:13

She said all she has used for years is Avene extremely gentle cleanser, thermal spray and recovery cream! envy

ClunkyBoobster Thu 13-Aug-15 19:20:09

you get people all the time who say they have only used soap or baby wash or something. two possibilities 1) they are lying 2) good genetics.

probably the latter mostly.

<waits for all the 'I only used x' comments>

SqueezyCheeseWeasel Thu 13-Aug-15 19:20:14

She must have good genes, a good diet and all round general healthy lifestyle as well. Personally I find the Avene gentle cleanser drying and the water utterly pointless. I like Avene's moisturisers though, gentle & emolient but nothing high tech. I prefer Vichy and La Roche Posay as French pharmacy brands go.

bodenbiscuit Thu 13-Aug-15 19:20:54

Does she work there or was she a customer?

Indecisivejo Thu 13-Aug-15 19:24:52

Yeah I agree with you all, I have also tried those products and they worked for a while but then the irritation started and they seemed to really bother my eyes! (Stinging, sore, watery!)
She worked there

AmelieinOz Sat 15-Aug-15 02:32:28

Yup, genetics.

WaggleBee Sat 15-Aug-15 04:05:22

I love the avene water. If I don't use it my skin looks duller and gets congested. Maybe it's the fine spray application or the patting afterwards rather than the water itself but it definitely does something for me.

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