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I hate my hair

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CherryBonBon Thu 13-Aug-15 14:54:58

I'm growing out a shaved head. It's been 18 months with a trim or two to stop mulleting.

It's almost shoulder length and left to it's own devices does this when it dries. Not a good fucking look.

I don't want to straighten it and curling it every day is too much hassle as it's thick and plentiful.

Any tips?

Woofsaidthedog Thu 13-Aug-15 15:02:02

I am in the same situation as you so am watching with interest! My hair is looking more and more ridiculous, the only time it looks good is fresh from a trim when the hairdresser has done something beautiful and magical with a hairbrush and hairdryer that I can't seem to reproduce.
I have taken to tying it / clipping it back off my face and thinking that I will be resigned to either this state of hair-affairs for another 6 months, or I will get so fed up that I chop it all off again!

CherryBonBon Thu 13-Aug-15 15:07:23

Woof I tie mine up most of the time. It's thick enough to create a good messy bun and I have a full fringe which looks good with hair up.

I just can't wear it down as it looks so crap. Even when I'm wearing a great outfit and good makeup I feel so unfinished because my hair is crap.

Emochild Thu 13-Aug-15 15:11:49

Don't know what you've linked to but the content lock on my phone says its not suitable for under 18s gringringrin

Dowser Thu 13-Aug-15 16:02:13

It's just a pic of the op

Dowser Thu 13-Aug-15 16:03:15

Actually, now I've put my glasses on. I don't think it is!

Queenbean Thu 13-Aug-15 16:04:35

Sea salt spray is incredible - on my hair, it makes me look like it's been blow dried

Just spray some on and scrunch a bit, it will go with a natural curl and make it look all soft and beachy/wavey

Queenbean Thu 13-Aug-15 16:05:23

Dowser, unless she's had some pretty hideous plastic surgery I don't think it is!

CherryBonBon Thu 13-Aug-15 16:13:37

Haha! It's just a mannequin head with a silly wig on grin .

Salt spray works brilliantly in my hair when it's longer. I spray it in towel dried hair and wrap my hair in a twisty bun until leaving the house.

Right now it just makes it big and frizzy a la Monica in Barbados which is not what I'm after. My shortest layers are too bloody short to do anything with.


pumapants Thu 13-Aug-15 16:49:35

Try this with your sea salt spray?

Or get some large Velcro rollers and shove them in, whip the hairdryer over it for a bit then take out when cooled. I just shove them in roughly (or sometimes just put three in - along my centre parting, one at front, one in middle and one at back but width ways if that makes sense) because I'm too bloody lazy to faff and I'm always over-heating so tend to stay away from heated appliances!

My hair is shoulder length with a bit of a kink. I put frizz-ease serum all over it to flatten it a bit as it does tend to go Monica-stylee like yours. I also only wash it once or twice a week to avoid it being fluffy.

I'm very jealous it took you that amount of time to grow out - it took my about 2 years to grow mine from pixie to bob grin

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