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Help please - interview at fashion company

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vincentaroony Wed 12-Aug-15 22:58:57

My first post in style and beauty - I'm not very stylish smile but I've been invited to interview for a role in an online fashion company. It's a techy position but having had a bit of a Google, it looks like everyone there dresses beautifully, fashionably - not your typical office wear.

What should I wear? I can't buy anything from the company's site - all way out of my price range (Gucci, D&G etc). Any ideas for something smart yet fashionable and fairly reasonable? I'd pay maybe £200 not including shoes. My one 'designer' possession is a Burberry mac so will wear that, rain or shine!

Dowser Thu 13-Aug-15 10:59:32

I'm sorry no one has answered and I'm not a fashionista.

I would go for something good quality but pretty generic that could have come from anywhere.

White shirt/ black skirt with jacket

I'd rather spend the money on a good hair do. If you keep yours constantly updated and don't need a trim / colour then maybe a blow dry before the interview

Flawless make up, good nails and a nice friendly smile.

Lots of confidence. Fake it till you make it. Appear like the person they really want on their team is far more important than what you look like

I think well groomed rather than up to the minute fashion .

Good luck.

Dowser Thu 13-Aug-15 11:04:49

I panicked when I got two virgin upper class tickets worth £4,100 each as to how I was going to look the part.

I bought a white linen casual trouser / jacket and a Breton style t shirt.

Had my hair done and felt great.

I needn't not have worried. Richard Branson , Kate moss, Kate winslet and Emma Thomson could not have cared less ( probably because they were a million miles away doing their own thing!

Everyone else seemed pretty ordinary!

BlairWaldorfLovesShopping Thu 13-Aug-15 11:12:01

How exciting! I would love to get a job at a fashion company. What size/shape are you and what do you normally wear to work?

Do you expect to wear a suit? If so, I'd probably style it up a bit with an interesting blouse. Possibly pussybow - I have this one and rate it, but only a few sizes left sad it's lovely and never needs ironing, so hopefully they will restock it soon.

If not a suit, I'd probably get some wide leg trousers to go with the blouse. (I don't dress like this for my own work - too lazy, jersey dresses all the way! - but I would if I wanted to look especially stylish smile )

Or if you think it's going to be more casual, maybe a dress in an interesting print? I'd look on the outnet with your budget.

What shoes do you have that could work? Black leather courts/pumps for eg?

Sorry for lack of links, I'm rubbish at actually finding things for other people, hopefully someone else will provide some! And good luck smile

JaneAustinAllegro Thu 13-Aug-15 11:23:38

I see all the Net a Porter girls going in every day and when you take away their £2k handbags and the very "obvious" designer pieces, the look seems to be quality basics in structured shapes; Cos sort of thing. No faded black or greying white shirts, everything looking crisp and neat, with perhaps a statement necklace / single earring. Lots of large horn rim glasses - geek style big frames (who knows whether they need them or not)
If you're not going to shell out for interview clothes, getting your hair / makeup done well is worth it.

tethersend Thu 13-Aug-15 16:03:47

How about something like this?

LettuceLaughton Thu 13-Aug-15 16:12:37

I was going to say have a rummage at cos but tethers is spot on, as usual.

SomeKindOfDeliciousBiscuit Thu 13-Aug-15 20:40:07

I'd go for a navy suit with a single burgundy/plum accessory. If it's a dress, then a neatly tailored dress with a thin belt. Possibly black shoes and bag. Face of very natural makeup, well shaped (try the illamasqua brown stick for shading), then pale pink cheeks and eyes and probably Laura mercier black orchid lipstick (which is sheer) and a very lightly done eyebrow fill. Really good hair.

vincentaroony Fri 14-Aug-15 08:17:52

Thank you for the replies! Brilliant stuff. I will reply later as late for work - but tethers I love that dress! That says fashion house to me (although I know nothing!)

I am quite short 5'4", size 10. Best part is my waist (narrow) worst part is my legs (chunky).

fatnan76 Fri 14-Aug-15 08:31:52

I'd feel comfortable in something like these, with as said upthread a statement necklace, glasses etc


this is why!

I think it suggests someone comfortable in themselves, classic and not to try hard.

fatnan76 Fri 14-Aug-15 08:33:57

Good luck in the interview too

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