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Moisturiser for skin that is both spotty and dry?

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WoolfHall Wed 12-Aug-15 21:54:49

Disastrous skin, always have had, but now I'm old it is both lined and congested (I'm on medication to help with the adult acne)

I was using Clarins Hydra Quench but lately that feels like I'm just rubbing water into my skin. I think I need something more moisturiser-er, but Clarins don't seem to do a range that might suit. Looking to spend Clarins-level price

BeautifulBatman Wed 12-Aug-15 21:56:48

Hsve you tried BodyShop vit e moisturiser?

BeautifulBatman Wed 12-Aug-15 21:57:26

And what cleanser are you using?

threenotfour Wed 12-Aug-15 22:04:22

Boots Botanics Shine Away day mosituriser (look closely at the packaging as they do a gel which is not as good). It's in a smallish white tube with orange on the packaging.

threenotfour Wed 12-Aug-15 22:04:47

Sorry - tub not tube.

Indecisivejo Wed 12-Aug-15 22:07:02

Dermalogica intensive moisture balance

MrsBloop Wed 12-Aug-15 22:10:29

Clarins Foaming cleanser with cotton seed - not obsessed with Clarins, it's just the range I buy our of habit really

Thanks for suggestions so far

MrsBloop Wed 12-Aug-15 22:11:05

oh, name change for some reason, I am the OP!

BeautifulBatman Wed 12-Aug-15 22:12:24

Stop using anything foaming. Foam = surfactants = alkali = breeding ground for bacteria/spots. Try Cliniques Take The Day Off balm.

ScrambledSmegs Wed 12-Aug-15 22:18:08

It sounds like you've got dehydrated skin, like me. There's a good description of dehydrated skin and how to care for it on Skincare Addiction on Reddit, here.

I've recently started the Asian/Korean style of skincare, which is lighter products in layers to lock the moisture in without clogging it. This doesn't mean you have to use all korean products! But it's definitely helping and my skin is improving.

Thread here.

AutumnshadesofGold Wed 12-Aug-15 22:23:24

I've just recently swapped from the Clinique anti redness one (green pot, can't remember exact name) to the moisture surge. It's a gel instead of a cream and its amazingsmile

I have spotty, greasy skin with patches of oral dermatitis and rosacea and psoriasis! I didn't want to add more moisture as greasy and spotty, but the dry patches of dermatitis etc were driving me mad.

Big improvement a fortnight on.

chanie44 Thu 13-Aug-15 05:59:03

I have dry, dehydrated but congested skin.

I use the following products - I introduced them all gradually into my routine, so I know they work:

Body shop vitamin e intense moisturiser

Body shop vitamin e serum in oil

Lush let the good times roll cleanser

getyourgeekon Thu 13-Aug-15 07:00:26

I have similar skin and use deemalogica -
Ultra calming cleanser (put on dry skin and rinse or wipe off)
Skin smoothing cream, which is their medium weight moisturiser and is amazing.

Indecisivejo Thu 13-Aug-15 07:19:52

Getyourgeekon have you tried intensive moisture balance? I find this even better than skin smoothing and I use ultracalming too

ForgotThatIWasFine Thu 13-Aug-15 07:23:42

I use elemental herbology perfect balance for my skin which is often dry (to the point of being flakey).

I get it from Space NK, costs around £40 but lasts a few months and is very good stuff!

Dellabob123 Thu 13-Aug-15 11:16:37

Agree with beautifulBatman Change your cleansing routine. try double cleansing with a nice balm. I've had terrible reactive skin all my life and stumbling upon this routine has changed my skin forever.

Now that is all in order, I've also adapted a semi Korean routine too to include:
Nip/fab glycolic pad or clearasil salycic pads if i have a breakout
Vit c serum to help fade scars and even skin tone
hada labo hylauronic
biore watery essence suncream in the AM

I was told that if you get the canvas sorted out, then everthing else goes on beautifully. Changing cleansing routine and adding glycolic/salycic toners has done that.

Dellabob123 Thu 13-Aug-15 11:20:52

I realised I never answered your initial question. For me and my super sensitive skin, I started out with the Elemis Pro Collagen marine cream after the cleansing balm. Its £££ but it works for me and I'm sticking to it.

getyourgeekon Fri 14-Aug-15 14:36:50

I haven't Indecisivejo - good to hear though, my skin is changing at the moment (age/children!) so I might give it a go.

Indecisivejo Fri 14-Aug-15 16:25:59

My skin has gone crazy lately and tbh the intensive moisture balance has been stinging and making skin red, have used it for ages without problems it's only last couple days confused

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