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Rare posh night out... In here, quickly.

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IdentityRequest Wed 12-Aug-15 11:08:07

Have namechanged, but hello...

Just dinner and drinks, but in a very cool place with people I like but don't know all that well. Am 30 something, reasonably slim, and usually dress a bit 70s/hippy. And I never go out.
So what do I wear?

I have nice jeans... high waisted skinnies or flares, dark blue.
Haven't got much cash, but would like shoes and probably some form of top. I think I suit cream, green, orange, black, bronzey colours.

So what would you wear if you were me?

IdentityRequest Wed 12-Aug-15 12:08:11

Oh, and I need to buy online, today, so that it will come in time. Agh!

LettuceLaughton Wed 12-Aug-15 12:13:34

What sort of budget?
Heels? Flats? Wedges?

The flares sound fab!

LettuceLaughton Wed 12-Aug-15 12:15:42

Oh, and because there's a lot in the sale ATM sizes would be handy too.

Hopefully Tethersend will be along...

Iatemyskinnyperson Wed 12-Aug-15 12:21:11

Your high waisted skinnies with a loose Isabel Marant-alike blouse. Maybe Zara?

IdentityRequest Wed 12-Aug-15 13:08:00

Iate... sounds good. Didn't see anything on zara site, anything in mind?

Lettuce, any... but closed toe ideally. I have Swedish Hasbeen clogs which could work at a push.
The Boden Lille lace up heels... are they nice?

Yes, Tethers... where are you? Haha!

SuperFlyHigh Wed 12-Aug-15 13:12:45

i personally don't like the Boden lille heels - too strappy and for £103 no better stuff out there

SuperFlyHigh Wed 12-Aug-15 13:14:58

don't kill me but I rather like this - fakity snakity...

IdentityRequest Wed 12-Aug-15 13:15:52

I think I agree actually Superfly... I was just aiming for dressy, and also 'next day delivery.' wink

SuperFlyHigh Wed 12-Aug-15 13:19:21



bow blouse

SuperFlyHigh Wed 12-Aug-15 13:20:00

I love it but I have norks - 28FF - what do you think??

SuperFlyHigh Wed 12-Aug-15 13:20:44

cheers - its not sheer either I was worrying/wondering if the nude was see through! grin

SuperFlyHigh Wed 12-Aug-15 13:22:51

suede heeled strappy shoes - much nicer, wearable etc and half the price of the Boden ones!

FauxFox Wed 12-Aug-15 14:31:43

John Lewis is good for next day delivery for collection from Waitrose or JL stores.

floral shoes

polyhymnia Wed 12-Aug-15 14:55:50

What do you mean by a' very cool place'? Shoreditch or similar?

IdentityRequest Wed 12-Aug-15 16:00:22

Yes Polyhymnia!

Iatemyskinnyperson Wed 12-Aug-15 16:01:20

Maybe this with some suede cutout boots

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