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Chronic nail biting - anything that works to cover?

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Kreeshsheesh Tue 11-Aug-15 13:29:43

I've bitten my nails all my life. Not just nibbled, but right down to the bed. I also chew the cuticles and skin around them. Frankly my fingers are a mess. I've tried everything to avoid biting them but after 35 years I can't see me stopping easily.
I'm desperate to find a way of putting nails on top which aren't too long / fancy, just normal looking. Firstly, is there such a product and if so, would my own nails grow underneath? How much nail is required to 'stick' them on?
I didn't bite false nails that I occasionally put on in my teens, but they just looked a bit naff and often fell off. Thanks in advance.

BreadstickBev Wed 12-Aug-15 17:50:48

Come on over to my nail biter thread Kreesh

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