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Where to buy good quality?

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clayspaniel Mon 10-Aug-15 09:03:36

Where do you go to buy good quality clothes and not on a huge budget? And is it possible on UK high street? Trying to find good quality items: winter coat, dark jeans, black trousers and pencil skirt. Was hoping to get decent basics with cheaper tops etc. Have found it very hard to find clothes that are not acrylic. Any suggestions would be most welcome!

PetiteBateau Mon 10-Aug-15 09:44:35

Charity shops

Orangeanddemons Mon 10-Aug-15 09:53:07

Uniqlo online
other Stories

carrie74 Mon 10-Aug-15 09:53:17

The American stores are often good at using natural materials, and have some amazing sales. I'd check out Banana Republic and j Crew, especially for trousers and pencil skirts (but in the sale, full price can be a bit much, especially in J Crew). Jeans may be worth checking out Topshop, although I wear my jeans so much, I tend to pay more for them (having said that, I wear a U.S. brand that I buy when travelling to US, usually in outlet stores, so don't usually pay much more than Topshop prices).

In terms of winter coats, a couple of winters ago I invested in an Aigle duvet coat, which I hope to last me for many, many years ahead. Was expensive, but shouldn't need replacing for an exceptionally long time. In terms of "fashion"coats (ie a bit trendier, but I don't expect to wear forever), I bought a beautiful one last year from Massimo Dutti, and have one from Zara that's about 4 years old that still looks good.

I think the thing to try and do is buy things as you see them rather than as you need them IYSWIM? It means you can wait to snap up bargains in sales (I bought my expensive winter coat in a sale in summer), and also you can take your time a bit more in scouting out the right item.

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