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Is there such a thing as a stylish fleece?

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Mireowl Sun 09-Aug-15 17:05:37

We're going camping next week and I need to get a fleece because I Kon Mari'd my wardrobe and threw out anything I didn't love. The decade old fleece did not survive. However, I think I'll freeze without one so can you point me in the direction of a not hideous one? That's warm and not expensive?

Deeznutz Sun 09-Aug-15 18:44:24


I have yet to see a stylish fleece but they do go particularly well with Nike Air trainers and bootcut mid wash jeans grin


NoArmaniNoPunani Sun 09-Aug-15 18:48:20

surfdome had some nice ones

Micah Sun 09-Aug-15 18:50:20

Kind of depends on your idea of stylish smile

Have a browse of all the surf/snow/climbing shops and brands. Animal, blacks, snowdome etc. Pick one you love.

For me, stylish is how someone wears something, rather than some fashionista's dictat. I see all sorts of people and love what they're wearing, from plain jeans and a t-shirt to a complete 40's ensemble. Both stylish in their own way smile.

Noseypoke Sun 09-Aug-15 18:54:17

norrona do nice fleeces. Not cheap though!

NellysKnickers Sun 09-Aug-15 18:55:51

I've got a tight fitting black hooded one from Regatta a couple of years ago. Looks nice with skinnies. Not exactly stylish but better than some.

oliviafrombolivia Sun 09-Aug-15 19:02:56

Napapijri, but v. expensive.

duffcake Sun 09-Aug-15 19:05:06

Couldn't see one on the website but the Fat Face Sherpa Hoodies are toasty and not too frumpy.

MrsSkinnyLegs Sun 09-Aug-15 19:34:10

Sod the fleece, merino layers are the way to go. Teeny to pack, thin but superwarm, wick the sweat and wash like a dream. Howies if you're feeling flash, Decathlon for economy.

Alanna1 Sun 09-Aug-15 19:35:47

I have a very nice one from barbour I bought in the sales, and used to have a gorgeous black one from north face.

Mutt Sun 09-Aug-15 19:37:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Noseypoke Sun 09-Aug-15 19:39:25

this is the one. You'llbe super stylish with this on!!

MsAdorabelleDearheartVonLipwig Sun 09-Aug-15 19:41:05

What about a nice Joules sweatshirt?

reynoldsnumber Sun 09-Aug-15 19:42:11

I think this one is stylish

[ jack wolfskin]

You can get it cheaper on other sites

Runningupthathill82 Sun 09-Aug-15 19:48:10

No. Just no.

And I can't figure out if the joules sweatshirt thing is a joke?

As Mrsskinny said upthread, you need merino layers. I can vouch for the Decathlon ones. A big, oversized woolly jumper for sitting around campfires in the evening, maybe.

Fleeces are awful - they look horrendous, they're just about useless for walking any distance in as they're not breathable like base layers are, and they don't keep you as warm as, say, a woollen jumper or a down body warmer.

To me, they scream "person who goes to the outdoors once a year" - see also Nike Air trainers (again, as someone said upthread!) beige cut-off walking trousers and a Peter Storm pac-a-mac.

heymammy Sun 09-Aug-15 19:48:33

I have this but in a different colour it's not a fleece but hugely more versatile and with a bit of style thrown in wink 'tis super warm too.

No no no no no! No such thing exists. Hoodies only work on kids and men,even then it can be questionable!!!

What you really really need is a snuggley cardi or jumper. Way more comfortable. Way more pretty. Way more times you'll wear it ;)

23jumpstreet Sun 09-Aug-15 21:34:54

No fleece is stylish but a plain black regatta one is as good as you'll get wear a bright top underneath. Oh and good luck

Mireowl Mon 10-Aug-15 18:27:44

Noseypoke- that's it! How did you know I liked wolves?

Thanks for all your replies and I think I'll stick with wool and keep my fingers crossed that's it's not actually cold!

If anyone has seen a particularly cosy wool cardy....

PetiteBateau Mon 10-Aug-15 18:29:44

I hate fleece. My next door neighbour seems to bloody live them & owns many of them
In a variety of past shades. Horrible item of clothing!

PetiteBateau Mon 10-Aug-15 18:30:05

* love

Layering Mireowl , that's how you keep warm smile And nothing is more cosey than a snuggly cardi or jumper!

I just bought a nice thin but warm and soft zip up fleece at M&S for 12.50 very impressed. its plain and nice so not ashamed to wear it when I need a warm layer. mines cream but there was a selection of colours.

Runningupthathill82 Mon 10-Aug-15 18:56:27

Mireowl - you need some base layers, honestly! Merino, ideally, but even the £5 Decathlon basic version is good, and available in loads of colours.

A jersey biker or blazer or bomber jacket, maybe? Almost as comfortable as a fleece, but better looking.

This looks nice but I haven't seen it irl because our stupid local store didn't have it.

This looks a bit of a bargain if you are small enough to fit into children's clothes and it's pure cotton.

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