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If I like Jean Paul Gautier perfume and Armani She..

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mrsmeerkat Sat 08-Aug-15 19:36:34

What else would I like?
Would love a new scent. Nothing overly floral or the summer light scents.

Thank You

mrsmeerkat Sat 08-Aug-15 19:41:54

Emporio Armani Elle, sorry

itsnothingoriginal Sat 08-Aug-15 19:43:29

Issey Miyake 'Pleats Please'? I love this one - is a white floral but fresh scent.

If you like the vanilla in JPG have you tried Hypnotic Poison? Alien?

mrsmeerkat Sat 08-Aug-15 19:45:11

Haven't tried Issey or Poison

Everyone at work wears Alien so it is a bit too familiar

Will try those. Thank You

CherryBonBon Sat 08-Aug-15 19:47:36

Ghost Deep Night or Dior Hypnotic Poison.

Lolita Lempicka also good. Smells like licorice and violets with a woody vanilla base.

itsnothingoriginal Sat 08-Aug-15 19:52:05

Ooh yes Lolita Lempicka is amazing! There's nothing quite like it - one of my faves.

RoobyTuesday Sat 08-Aug-15 20:22:57

Christian Dior Dolce Vita

JaceLancs Sat 08-Aug-15 20:55:57

Guerlain l'instant or insolence

Dior Addict

Indecisivejo Sun 09-Aug-15 13:16:37

I love both of those perfumes you mentioned so u may like my other choices too.....bvlgari femme, cacherel noa, Giorgio Beverly Hills wings, Lancôme poeme, givenchy organza, prada Milano iris. Those are ones that spring to mind

mrsmeerkat Sun 09-Aug-15 18:30:59

Thank You, will write these down and have a test

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