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desperate - need help re foundation

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skinnysoyvanillalatte Sat 08-Aug-15 09:55:35

I am nearing 50 and am realising that I have NEVER found a foundation that works for me. I am so desperate to have my last few years, (decade?), before I reach the "older lady" stakes looking more groomed and polished. I just don't know where to start and need some advice.

I have fair skin and it has never been oily. I don't even think it has been combo - just pretty normal, no acne ever, burn easily and just this year starting to line. Probably need to acknowledge it is "mature" skin.

What happens is, when I pop on foundation, it does the following:
1) actually looks like it has "separated" on application - never looks like a nice freshly placed foundation like I see on others. Blotchy looking and sort of sits on the skin and even looks like I have none on in areas.
Blotchy, patchy areas variable - on chin and hairline, nose..
2) within an hour, looks like no foundation, separates more
3) no coverage

I have tried - the usual cleanse, moisturise, primers, different foundations, powder (too old for this now).

What I am doing wrong?

Kennington Sat 08-Aug-15 10:17:37

Try a tinted moisturiser mixed with moisturiser so super dilute
Then put concealer if you have spots or redness
This may lookore natural
I would go easy on the primer too and perhaps use a tiny amount of highlighter instead
Do you need it? Your skin sounds good alteady
I am the same and foundation just separates on my skin

skinnysoyvanillalatte Sat 08-Aug-15 10:24:15

Thanks! I will try one for every day smile Do you think they will separate like the foundation?
I am wondering for a good coverage, what I am doing wrong- what do you wear for evenings out Kennington?

Kennington Sat 08-Aug-15 10:30:24

I do the same during the day as night
Dior glow maximiser on brow bone cheek bones etc it is expensive but a tiny bit is enough
The boots no7 tinted mosituriser mixed with a little olay
I use bourjois happy light primer on nose but no where else
I just use more tinted moisturiser Nd highlighter at night so I glow more
Chanel les beiges no 20 for touch ups during the day or night
Clarins instant concealer

Scootergrrrl Sat 08-Aug-15 10:33:37

What do you want your foundation to do? Cover up problem areas (although it doesn't sound like you have any!) or just make you look more polished? I really like Estée Lauder Doublewear and Doublewear Light, applied with a damp foundation sponge. The ladies on the EL counters will normally colour match it for you, and then give you a week's supply for free to try at home. That might save you more expensive mistakes!

Kennington Sat 08-Aug-15 10:35:51

I am no expert btw
I learned most things from sali Hughes in the guardian and Lisa Eldridge for application

skinnysoyvanillalatte Sat 08-Aug-15 12:51:28

I guess I do want to look more polished but with some cover as well. I don't have flawless skin...I wish smile

Sazzle41 Sat 08-Aug-15 13:44:15

It sounds like your moisturiser isnt giving a smooth base for the foundation as maybe its not intense enough so you have dry patches. Now I'm older I find a richer moisturiser left to soak in for 5mins gives better base for foundation. Then i use Maybelline dream satin, covers multitude of sins and looks lovely and glowy when translucent powder over top. My moisturiser of choice is Waitrose Baby Butter as i have dry sensitive skin. Max factor foundations are good for mature, problems skin as well re coverage - and moisture rich.

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