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Eye cream recommendations

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NeverNic Sat 08-Aug-15 07:59:56

I'm 32, a mum of a baby and a toddler and it's starting to show! I have crows feet and puffy under eye area when I smile. The skin has very faint lines normally but you'd have to be close to see. Short of giving up smiling(!) does anyone have any recommendations for a cream. Im happy to spend a bit for something good, but I'm on maternity leave so £50+ for a tiny pot is out of my reach. Generally my skin is good. It's clear but occasionally dry. TIA

madmother1 Sat 08-Aug-15 08:03:10

I remember years ago Gok Wan tested lots if pots for anti wrinkle creams. The cheap pots from Aldi came out on top! You can buy a day and a night cream. From a 52 year old who is fighting growing old wink

Wolpertinger Sat 08-Aug-15 11:43:10

Bad news - no eye cream is going to do anything for your eyes. Generally there's no such thing as an eye cream, it's just a way of making us buy another product shock

Good news - there are things you can do for your skin in general that do help against ageing to some extent. If you are already doing all of this ignore me smile, if not this is a much better use of your cash than an eye cream.

Firstly - broad spectrum SPF, you need UVA and B protection, at least SPF 30 every day, even in the winter. SPF in makeup doesn't count as you apply it too thinly to work. Even if you don't do anything else this is the most effective thing.

Then acid toning. If you tend towards spots/blackheads then you want a salicylic acid product but as you say you are clear and dry then glycolic/lactic. Something like Nip Fab Glycolic fix

If your skin is dehydrated you can get some plumping and freshening going on with hyaluronic like the Aldi Lacura Serum, Vichy Idealia serum or Hylamide. I love my Hylamide as it has peptides as well which might be adding an extra level of anti-ageing. Hylamide has an eye product as well if you really want a separate product which I know other people on hear use and love.

Finally the best thing you can do after SPF and acids is a retinol like LRP Redermic R. Retinols are the only product that actually help you make more collagen in your skin.

You can do all of this for under £50 for the lot smile

NeverNic Sat 08-Aug-15 22:11:25

Thank you. I've always been pretty good with spfs. I've been wearing sun cream or moisturiser with spfs daily since I was a teenager. I use a 30 (uva/uvb filters) every day and 50 for prolonged sun exposure - so on hols or for days out. I usually end up fake tanning my face so it matches the rest of me!

I've never heard of Hylamide so I'll check that one out. I always used to use lrp hydraphase but I think they changed the spf, so I swapped to other brands. I also used to spend a small fortune on lancome moisturisers. I'll definitely look at the lrp range you suggested as I know that make suits my skin. I did see they have an eye cream too which I think I'll try.

Can I ask when./ how do you apply retinols?

Dancergirl Sun 09-Aug-15 11:34:02

I really like Boots protect and perfect eye cream. I use it twice a day, makes my eyes seem brighter.

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