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£100 to spend... Please help

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blessedenough Fri 07-Aug-15 15:23:25

Hi all, I am slowly loosing weight and in a great have gone from a size 22 to a 16-18 yay!!

I still want to loose another couple of stone. I have slimmed out of my fat clothes and now have £100 to buy a few bits to tide me over until I am back into my extensive size 14 wardrobe - most of it prob won't fit or will look out of date but I will cross that bridge when I get there.

I am a sahm with a 1yr old and 3yr old, what should I spent my cash on? My wardrobe consists of a few stripey tops, black velvet jeans, dark cut off jeans, a line denim skirt - that makes my arse look huge!!, printed trousers and a few plain shell type tops, I have a blue blazer and a couple of scarves and a few dresses I rarely wear. I don't really like any of it and its all primark or sainsburys or tescos - usually in the sale.

We have NO money so I need to make the best use of this cash, what bits should I buy that I can make the most use of. I am rubbish at clothes but would love to be groomed and stylish, although I know this £100 isn't going to do that!!

When I am at my goal weight I want to do project 333 as I love the idea of reaching into a tiny cupboard and everything working together. My current process of selecting an outfit consists of pulling on one of four bottoms and finding a top without too many toddler stains on it! I don't belong in style and beauty!!!!

chanie44 Fri 07-Aug-15 16:21:38

Congratulations on your weight loss.

I'd go for items that will take you to your goal weight eg jeggings, Jersey tops and wrap dresses.

I tend to wear neutral colours on my bottom half and wear colourful tops so most things will match. My neutrals include black and blue jeans, beige and grey.

Treat yourself to a nice pair of shoes to loose more groomed as they should fit once you are at goal so are a good buy.

FelixFelix Fri 07-Aug-15 16:34:53

Well done on your weight loss smile

I wouldn't bother with expensive shoes. It's very likely you will go down a size. I've lost 2st (gone from size 18 to large 14) and have gone from a size 6 to a 5! Very annoying as I have lots of nice shoes. I've recently been and bought some new bits to tide me over too, as I'd like to lose 2st more at least.

I went for super high waisted jeggings from Dorothy Perkins (they are very good at holding your stomach in). Cost around £20.

A few of the stretchy vests from primark for layering. They are only £2.30 each and wash really nicely and are long too. I got one in grey, navy and burgundy

Two very fine knit tops (also from Primark for £5 each). One in navy and one burgundy. They are also long and have washed well. They also have sleeves which come down to the elbow, which is great as I hate my arms. Almost like a batwing top but not!

A burgundy lace t-shirt style top, also with sleeves to elbows (£5)

Kimono style top to wear over the vest tops I've bought. Can't remember where from!

Denim shirt dress from Asda (£14, i wear with Flexees black leggings which are amazing. £10 from eBay)

A pair of brown leather pumps from Deichmann (£25) and some grey flat pumps from Primark (£5)

I've not really spent much on everything but it's made such a difference to my wardrobe! I think supermarkets and places like Primark are your friend here. Have a good search for things which seem decent quality for the price. I've gone with similar colours so I can mix and match things.

blessedenough Fri 07-Aug-15 21:59:17

Thanks guys I knew style and beauty people would point me in the right direction. I am sure my feet have gotten fat too as I used to be 5-5.5 and now def a size 6!

I will check out asda tom and will look for some tops and cover ups, kimono tops sound good- I hate my arms.
A limited selection of colours might be best as suggested.

I think I need to get everything out on the bed and put some outfits together.

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