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overspill at outer edges of bra wire (not tissue - I think!) fits everywhere else!

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keeponkeepinon Wed 05-Aug-15 20:22:22

I am currently trying to work my way through loads of different bras to work out what works best for me.
I have a Cleo Minnie 32GG which fits great in the band, nice and firm, gore sits flat and firm, cups are good, uplifted forward round shape I want (ie, the shape stays within my frame so not making me look wider)
The problem is the underarm. I had the same with panache andorra 32gg. The band cuts in and I get overspill at the sides. Not a good look. I think the wire is sitting on my ribcage and not tissue. Scooping doesn't really solve it. Do I have to size up in the band (though it wont have the firmness I have come to like) or in the cup? Or do I need narrower/wider wires? Though if I got wider wires wouldn't I lose that forward projection, making me narrower from the front?

Advice appreciated very much

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