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Hot Air Stylers vs In Styler - any thoughts?

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holdonaminute Tue 04-Aug-15 20:33:11

i have naturally wavy thick shoulder length hair. Up until now ( I'm in my 50's) I've always just let left it curly and not bothered much with blow drying or straightening - mainly because I have limited use of one of my arms and find it difficult. Also I'm not very patient!

However, I've lately decided to go for a slightly more groomed look. Someone recommended the boots in styler because it's easier to use with one hand. Had a look today and it looks very heavy! I also looked at hot air Stylers which seemed a bit more manageable but perhaps not so good as they don't rotate?

I already use all the right products for dry/curly hair including serum which I put on after wash/condition and before drying - current method is a quick whizz over with the dryer then leaving to dry naturally

Can anyone advise?

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