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Stylish rucksack for work, not black

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reynoldsnumber Tue 04-Aug-15 13:47:37

I really need to stop carrying a shoulder bag as its bad for my joints - I carry a small laptop, a4 notebook and sometimes gym kit in it.

I'm in a professional role where the men wear suits and women wear dresses and jackets.

There are loads of black rucksacks out there but I don't wear black - mostly prefer navy blue or grey/silver.

Any ideas from the style and beauty gurus would be really gratefully received.

reynoldsnumber Tue 04-Aug-15 18:54:16

Happy to spend ££'s to get something nice

FrizzyPig Tue 04-Aug-15 19:01:05

They have some nice backpacks in accessorize that look like handbags too but you can wear on your back.

FrizzyPig Tue 04-Aug-15 19:02:26,acc_1.8/8890764100

FrizzyPig Tue 04-Aug-15 19:04:01

Oh just seen you're happy to spend ££££s blush-

Well these are good if on a relatively small budget! grin

stripytees Tue 04-Aug-15 19:24:13

I like my Kipling 'Clas Seoul' backpack because it's so light on its own but very durable. Comes in lots of colours.

MsMcWoodle Tue 04-Aug-15 19:26:30

Mulberry cara. I was put off by the sleb endorsement but they really are lovely.

maybemyrtle Tue 04-Aug-15 19:27:06



YonicScrewdriver Tue 04-Aug-15 19:30:34

Knomo has backpacks in different colours - mulberry blue and black at present Iirc...

reynoldsnumber Tue 04-Aug-15 19:52:52

Ooh thanks everyone. I discovered this nice knomo one knomo

And this nice Kipling one:

I also like the accessorise one frizzypig, it's doesn't have to be pricy, and the john Lewis one from maybemyrtle

Not sure I can stretch to a mulberry!

specialsubject Tue 04-Aug-15 20:45:26

be aware that if you are carrying any weight in it, a rucksack needs to have a hip belt to spread it.

these fashion items won't be any better for you than what you have already.

reynoldsnumber Wed 05-Aug-15 14:57:25

Hi specialsubject, that's interesting.

My joint problems are one sided (arthritic ankle and knee) which makes me think I'd be better with the weight equally loaded, even in a 'fashion' rucksack. I'M not carrying very heavy weights, but am I deludig myself?

stripytees Wed 05-Aug-15 15:28:59

I've used a rucksack without a hip belt for about 4 months now and definitely feel better for it - my satchel used to really hurt my shoulder.

specialsubject Wed 05-Aug-15 15:38:09

even-ing out the load is definitely better, and of course laptops are not as heavy as they used to be. So any rucksack is an improvement, but make sure you aren't carrying extra weight with labels, silly zips, metal logos, furry crap and so on.

and (as I'm sure you know) your feet are important too. No ballet flats, no flip flops, no gladiators, no fugly high heels; my physio recommends a heel height of half to one inch. Good luck finding shoes like that, given that 'low heel' now seems to be three inches.

Melonfool Wed 05-Aug-15 17:40:33

I have been hankering after a Timbuk2. Sadly dp bought me a new laptop rucksack recently that I'm not that keen on, but couldn't tell him that!

GnocchiGnocchiWhosThere Wed 05-Aug-15 17:45:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

cashewnutty Wed 05-Aug-15 21:33:28

What about this one by Fiorelli. My super stylish 17yo DD has this in a different colour. It is very smart.

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