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Shellac colours for newbie

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BeaLola Tue 04-Aug-15 10:31:14

Having hands and feet done pre holiday. what colours will look good ? Was thinking a coral for toes . Not sure re hands. I have short nails. I would like to look groomed rather than standout .

Any thoughts ?

carrie74 Tue 04-Aug-15 10:52:49

I like Cake Pop for summer - it's an opaque pale candy pink, so not to everyone's taste. Also, I have to go with colours that suit my skin tone - I'm cool toned, so tend to wear bright, but cool tinted colours. I'd never be able to wear coral, for example.

If you do fancy something a bit more stand out, I love Hot Pop Pink, which is a cool toned hot pink/fuschia. The pale blues, lilacs and aquas are lovely too.

There are also really pale nudes, like Negligee, but they might be too nude to make much of an impact. Could always go for a French manicure with Shellac?

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