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cosmetics and chemicals

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perfectpeach Mon 03-Aug-15 18:50:29

What do you think about all the claims that all the cosmetics and toiletries we use overload our body with toxins?

I love my cosmetics, I think they help me look great and feel great about myself. Organic shampoo and conditioner make my thick hair look so bushy I feel like a fluffy afghan hound and without makeup I look like a pale panda as the skin under my eyes is so thin that it looks like I have black eyes.

But then I read something and feel like I should just chuck everything out and only use coconut oil on my hair, teeth, face and body!!

Kennington Mon 03-Aug-15 20:34:15

Skin is supposed to stop you absorbing things so I don't mind really. I apply make up to my face and in reality it is such a small area and I remove it at night I don't see the problem.
I do wonder what crap is in perfume so only apply that to my clothes. It is a question of dose and while many of the chemicals are quite toxic you would have to ingest large pints before they poisoned you. Regulations are reasonably stringent in the EU too.

Kennington Mon 03-Aug-15 20:34:52

Large amounts not pints!!

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