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Can I ask all of you kondoers a question?

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SunsetDreamer Mon 03-Aug-15 15:05:37

What do you with all the clothes that work well, but are old/ ugly??

Normally winter jumpers - if I could find replacements that look good, but function well I would.

I have some merino wool base layers - really thick and warm. Keep me lovely and warm in winter, but bought at tkmaxx in a not great colour. I know they're not great, but they absolutely work so well. I haven't found anything to replace them.

This is just one example, but I have a pile of items like this!

SunsetDreamer Mon 03-Aug-15 15:09:21

Or the sometimes stuff - items that sit in the drawer for 7/8 of the year, but are important when needed.

It's this stuff that is pulling me down!

Waitingfordolly Mon 03-Aug-15 15:11:40

Keep. I find this slightly unclear with Marie Kondo, after all I wouldn't say my cheese grater or my milk pan give me joy. I channel William Morris here and ask whether it's beautiful (I.e. brings me joy) or useful and if it's one or the other I keep.

CarpeJugulum Mon 03-Aug-15 15:13:54

The stuff that is useful but occasionally I definitely keep - I have huge stainless steel platters that I use for Christmas; no way I'm getting rid of them. However, having decluttered lots of other stuff, I now have a home for them!

squoosh Mon 03-Aug-15 15:52:51

I've kept practical stuff that is currently useful even if it doesn't bring me joy as such. I don't think you need to follow her ideas to the letter.

She thinks jumpers have feelings.

SunsetDreamer Mon 03-Aug-15 18:03:08


Just wondering what other people did - along the lines of 'if I keep doing the same, I'll keep getting the same '. It's interesting to hear what others do.

I have a very satisfying bag for the charity shop!

TheBookofRuth Mon 03-Aug-15 18:08:48

I have been thinking about trying this, but realised when doing a mental inventory of my clothes that if I only kept the items that bring me joy, I'd be down to two dresses (one of which is falling apart) one top , a winter coat, a pair of boots and an old hoodie that used to belong to DH. I doubt even the most committed minimalist could makes wardrobe out of that!

WaggleBee Mon 03-Aug-15 18:35:48

Yy the William Morris school of thought is much more helpful I find. 'Sparks joy' is such a wishy washy concept.

I suppose being cosy and warm would 'spark joy'.

I'd keep either way.

FrugalFashionista Mon 03-Aug-15 18:38:46

I have tried to get rid of having a huge amount of 'serviceable' stuff because having too much of it kills the joy somehow. That said I've kept some ugly base layers and ski pants. Those do not get worn much so it is not worthwhile to replace them, but the few times it gets below -15 C here they do bring me joy wink I store them out of sight on the top of my wardrobe in huge Ikea carboard storage boxes. I also have difficult to access cupboards near the ceiling where I keep some rarely needed items that I am unsure about.

I have done quite a few clearouts and have reached the stage that most items in my house remind me of a place, person or event and bring me joy that way.

There is also another way of seeing things - the wabi-sabi esthetic. Wabi sabi means that objects become beautiful with time when signs of wear make them unique and tell a story. Wabi sabi means that an ugly or cracked or broken object can be beautiful because it is ugly or imperfect and because you have shared time together...

WaggleBee Mon 03-Aug-15 20:08:14

I like that Frugal

ishouldcocoa Mon 03-Aug-15 22:54:54

I have a few items of winter clothing that I'm unsure about. They have until Christmas to prove themselves. im keeping an eye on them....

lurkingaround Mon 03-Aug-15 23:11:33

I am driving my friends crazy with the 'does it spark joy' question. I fear they may not come shopping with me soon.....grin

SunsetDreamer Tue 04-Aug-15 08:17:03

Have put them away for now. I've decided that if I wear the clothes again and camr replace, then I was right to keep. If not, then they can go. I bet I'll wear the warm clothes grin

Callycatsy Tue 04-Aug-15 08:26:34

I thought cracked and broken stuff was really bad Feng Shui never mind good wabi sabi! smile

I found myself hanging onto useful stuff at the start of my Kondo process but after a few more sweeps anything tatty and ugly has long gone. You can get nice serviceable things so throw out the tatty and worn ones over time and replace when you can..

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