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Do any semi permanents really work on grey hair?

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thunderbird69 Mon 03-Aug-15 08:54:57

ok, my situation is - holiday rapidly approaching, glowing stripe of grey/white hair along my parting, no time/money to get hair done properly, so I need a quick fix.
I do have a spray to cover the roots, but that's not going to be much good when my hair is getting wet (also not sure if it would start running if I get a sweaty head?!)

I have used semi-permanents in the past between permanent cover-ups but they only seem capable of covering a few grey hairs not a whole swarm of them. Anyone used anything successfully?

ApostropheS Mon 03-Aug-15 12:34:07

I use Nice & Easy (the one that says it lasts up to 24 shampoos) & it covers my grey but need to leave it on for a while - maybe 45 minutes or so.

AgathaF Mon 03-Aug-15 15:24:33

The Daniel Field PPD free dye is really good for covering grey hair. Need to buy it online though.

bonzo77 Mon 03-Aug-15 15:47:35

Nope. You need the higher % peroxide that you get in permanent dye to open the cuticle enough for the dye to penetrate.

Deeznutz Mon 03-Aug-15 15:49:10

Just use a permanent one in a shade lighter than your current colour. The semis don't cut it. Permanent tend to go darker than they look on the box.

bonzo77 Mon 03-Aug-15 17:04:21

yy 100% to what Deez said above

DelphiniumBlue Mon 03-Aug-15 17:10:09

Root touch up, think it's nice n easy, usually £4.99 or less, available from boots, tesco, just about anywhere. Comes in generic colours such as light brown, and tones in with any blight brown existing colour. Takes about 5 mins to apply, and leave on for 10 mins. Fab job covering greys.

Marmaladybird Mon 03-Aug-15 18:31:31

I can confirm that root spray runs when you're sweaty/wet. Went to an early morning gym class after a night out. Looked like someone had poured Bisto over me.

Root touch up is good though - a really quick fix.

Orangeanddemons Mon 03-Aug-15 18:36:01

I use semi on mine, always have, although I get it done at hairdressers. It does fade a very little bit, but it looks like expensive streaks! Total coverage though.

NatGeo Mon 03-Aug-15 19:11:18

How long does the semi on average last for? I always use l'oreal which is supposed to be permanent but only lasts up to about 3 weeks before all the grey's start coming through again.

mammmamia Tue 04-Aug-15 00:45:49

I use casting creme gloss. Lasts about 3 weeks.

EatShitDerek Tue 04-Aug-15 01:04:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Orangeanddemons Tue 04-Aug-15 08:22:33

What's the grey coverage lipstick thing?

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