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What air curler should buy to get these curls/waves?

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theFerretDontBite Sun 02-Aug-15 22:04:07

I have a set of curlers but they produce proper large ringlet type curls rather than waves. Also, no matter what I try they seem to start half way down my head, so my hair will be straight with just a few curls at the bottom. I have also tried using straighteners and I have the same problem. I want to style my hair like in the photos, can anyone suggest a hair curler that will achieve this look?

CarpeJugulum Sun 02-Aug-15 22:05:17

Babyliss Big Hair does that to me if I hold it vertically not horizontally IYSWIM.

FunnyNameHere Sun 02-Aug-15 22:10:58

I feel your pain!! I'm forever looking for the answer to wavy, beachy waves. I scrunch and use loads of Sea Spray at the moment, but I recentky watched a YouTube blogger who swore by this gadget below (and she had gorgeous hair):

theFerretDontBite Sun 02-Aug-15 23:02:26

I'm so envious of people with naturally wavy hair! I'm very lazy with my hair so ideally I want something as effortless as possible.

Thanks for the suggestions, I'm off to find some reviews and you tube videos for them both. FunnyNameHere, when you scrunch your hair, do you tie it in place for a while or just scrunch for a few seconds? and is the sea spray any good? does it hold in the same way as hair spray?

suestew123 Sun 02-Aug-15 23:09:44

I have just been watching youtube vids for the Babyliss curl secret. Also my friend used it to style her hair for a wedding and it looked lovely. Very expensive though but probably worth it. I just cannot curl my hair with the wands or straighteners

FunnyNameHere Mon 03-Aug-15 00:51:58

Ferret -- I sometimes just scrunch and go, which is fine. But when I want it to go super-curly, and last longer, I scrunch it then make a messy chignon and ram a pencil in to hold it in place. A couple of hours later, I remove the pencil, shake my hair and it's VERY curly.

It sometimes is still a bit straighter at the roots though. One tip I read for that is to apply product to damp hair, then take 1-2" sections and twist them, like you'd twist a handkerchief to make a pointy bit. Am I explaining this really badly?! Twist each section like you're trying to make fat long sausages. Leave them to dry, then gently tousle them with your fingers. Meant to make long beachy waves.

The salt spray gives lots of texture, body and encourages curls. I reallllly like it. You might need hairspray too if you want control.

maxxytoe Mon 03-Aug-15 07:14:35

Use a conical curling tong, mine is tresemme .
Curl one inwards then the next away from the face alternatively .
Brush through and tease with a comb then hairspray x

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