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Ewa Michalak small back sizes

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Does anyone know the current situation re getting a 28 back size made by EW? I can't see anything about it on the site.

NoParking Sun 02-Aug-15 20:51:27

I've been wondering about this, too.

And also, if any bra interventionists come along, will EW bras fit someone who always buys Freya / Fantasie? I've been looking for that online table of bras that fit like other bras (eg if Fantasie fits then Freya will) but I can't find it anywhere.

It will depend upon the style you choose I think.

I ordered three styles first rime round to work out what was best. The S was the best for me.

I tend to wear Panache mostly in a UK bra.

I think 28s are probably a custom order. What size are you wearing in UK brands? A lot of people find that at the very bottom end of the EM sizes they prefer one band up unless they're on the loose side with their UK size (i.e. if you're a 28 borderline 26 then you;d get on ok with a 28, if you are more like a 28/30 then get the 30. Also their bras aren't consistent - the SM styles for example run tighter due to the fabrics having less stretch.

NoParking, EM bras have narrower wires than Freya/Fantasie IME. Have you tried Curvy Kate or any Bravissimo own brands? CK tend to be wide-ish, as do some Brav.

Sorry OP I didn't see you'd tried some already. D'oh! I just checked on one bra (the Eden) and the 60 bands are listed in the custom section. To order them you create an account them email them a request through the contact us function

I love the S Style and have lots of them

Thanks very much

I already have a 30 back size and am trying to help get one for a friend who is definitely a true 28. Whilst I agree that my 30 is on the small side I think that she will need a 28 really. I think I will take another look and then email them a request. I have a feeling that Connexim might be better for 28's so will look there too. Have never ordered from Connexim.

SuperFlyHigh Mon 03-Aug-15 16:59:58

Has anyone ordered from EM? I'd like to

I've ordered from them numerous times, if you need any info

SuperFlyHigh Tue 04-Aug-15 09:21:48

oh terrific thank you StatisticallyChallenged will reply here later or PM you.

My back and size is a bloody pain - 28 and I've been told I could be 26... and FF/G cups. lovely.

a question? when you pull the back area of your bra back and it loosens eg by 2-3 inches is this bad? probably due to stretching mind you. around the front (cup size) thank F its very firm....

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