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Quick...I am in Boots and I need...

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Debbiediddallas Sun 02-Aug-15 17:27:40

In Boots at the airport and I need a decent lipstick tend to go for natural browny toned shades not too nudey and mosturising.

Also need a blusher used to use Bourjois then went on to a creamy one which my DH has just told me makes me look like aunt Sally- hence emergency dash round Boots.

I am pale freckley and oldish (late 40s dark hair)

Natural Collection blushers are nice, and cost pennies.

Callycatsy Sun 02-Aug-15 17:34:16

Check out l'oreal prohibition. The last thing you need with dark hair and pale skin is brown lipstick. Have a look at the raspberry shades. Do you have dark eyes too? If so, definitely go cool and bright not warm and brown. Use the bright ones over a lip balm if they're scary smile

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