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So...after trying out a few styles and sizes, are there any bra interventionists to intervene pretty please?

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keeponkeepinon Sun 02-Aug-15 15:07:35

After much much reading and learning about sizing thanks to the wisdom of you wonderful ladies wineflowers I have placed a few orders and tried out a few things and would very much appreciate any further input.
Due to my measurements I was suspected to be a 32HH.
I have also learned that i think I am balanced fullness, wide rooted (still not sure about shallow or projected as just rounded really). THese are what I have tried recently:
Panache Andorra 32gg - I really like the shape and gore distance, but wire kind of cuts in at the sides which doesn't look good. It felt really tight at first but is softening so I am not sure about going up in the band. Maybe up in the cup as it puts the tiniest bit of pressure on the front but not sure if i am just being fussy?
Panache Clara: after being sized as 32HH I ordered a few of these in diff sizes. 32 HH was HUGE in the cup. 32H was better but I didn't like the distance in the central gore on this one, I am pretty close set in the middle and preferred the narrower gore of the Andorra. Fit better round the sides though. But still sort of pushed me apart which didn't work well. Also tried a 30J which wasn't too bad, 32 H which was closer and 34 band which I just think is a bit big. I've got used to the security of a very firm band now!
Also ordered other 32HH to try but again were massive. Maybe I measured too loose?
Cleo Lucy 32hh - again massive in the cups and the gore seems to be wider than the Marcie as again I didn't like the way it tried to push apart.
Cleo Marcie 32hh was way too big in the cups again but better in the gore.
Went to Debenhams to try a few things and established that I am basically a 32GG in Freya and CK styles. Bought a CK dreamcatcher in the sale in 32gg and it seemed great at first but am not sure if its a bit wide really as it seems to slip down so the underwire isn't properly sitting as high as it should and as a result its not perfect in the top of the cup, the slipping causes it to cut in slightly.

Any suggestions for bras with a narrow centre gore but also sort of less likely to cut in at the outside like the Andorra? Do I need a higher wire in the side?

trinity0097 Sun 02-Aug-15 17:52:29

To be honest I would go to somewhere like bravissimo that way you can try on loads in one place!

SorrelForbes Sun 02-Aug-15 17:58:37

Why don't you try the Cleo Marcie in a 32G/GG? It tends to run about a size bigger than other Cleo styles. Freya and CK tend to run on the large side too (compared to Panache) so I suspect you'll be a 32GG in those and 32H in Panache.

But yes, visit Bravissimo and try loads on!

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