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Which dress?

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ivywilder Sun 02-Aug-15 08:07:06

Which dress is best for evening wedding in Italy? Opinions please, be as brutal as you like!

margaritasbythesea Sun 02-Aug-15 08:10:42

Second one. I prefer it and it flatters you more. I think the cut round the arms and the length of the first is unflattering.

makeminea6x Sun 02-Aug-15 08:11:03

They both suit your figure.

Bunbaker Sun 02-Aug-15 08:11:10

I prefer the black one.

WipsGlitter Sun 02-Aug-15 08:14:19

I prefer the black one.akes your waist look tiny!

AnaisB Sun 02-Aug-15 08:18:09

Much prefer the black one (or is it navy??)

ivywilder Sun 02-Aug-15 08:19:04

It's navy!

Popchik9 Sun 02-Aug-15 08:23:43

The navy one.

MelanieCheeks Sun 02-Aug-15 08:23:53

Navy one, looks great on you!

Bluebiscuits Sun 02-Aug-15 08:24:20

Navy for me too!

Paddingtonthebear Sun 02-Aug-15 08:26:07

Navy for me

Iliveinalighthousewiththeghost Sun 02-Aug-15 08:28:24

The navy one. It's more glam sophisticated and elegant and easier to accessorize

ThreeFrazzledFandangos Sun 02-Aug-15 08:33:54

Navy for me too.

Whereabouts in Italy is the wedding? (Has no bearing on the question, I'm just nosy)

TheCowThatLaughs Sun 02-Aug-15 08:34:18

Navy one
The other one isn't very flattering imo

ivywilder Sun 02-Aug-15 08:34:31

Sorrento. I'm so excited

ThreeFrazzledFandangos Sun 02-Aug-15 08:35:42

envy hope you have a fantastic time

ivywilder Sun 02-Aug-15 08:37:42

Another pic of the coloured one to show a different angle

aliciagardner Sun 02-Aug-15 08:39:45

They both look v nice! Which do you prefer?

scratchandsniff Sun 02-Aug-15 08:45:12

The navy one looks more suited to a wedding although I think it would look better with different shoes. Some slingbacks perhaps, something without an ankle strap.

MairzyDoats Sun 02-Aug-15 08:56:23

Definitely the navy one. Much more sophisticated, although needs different shoes.

ivywilder Sun 02-Aug-15 09:58:50

Almost unanimous!

I like them both but feel like the navy one is more sophisticated. Problem is it cost 140 and I really need the money so was going to bring it back. Now I want to keep it!!

Bluecheese22 Sun 02-Aug-15 10:05:09

Definitely navy. Both are lovely but the navy one is much dressier. Have a wonderful time!

DorothyBastard Sun 02-Aug-15 10:14:33

The navy one is lovely. You have a fantastic figure!

ivywilder Sun 02-Aug-15 11:14:29

Thank you everyone! Especially you Dorothy

Think I'm going to have to take the hit on my bank balance and go with the navy. The coloured one is lovely but more casual I think. I have a beautiful pearly clutch bag to go with it. Will look in back of wardrobe for different shoes. Want to get a fan too I think it'd be a nice touch? Maybe a white one? What do you think?

Dowser Sun 02-Aug-15 11:31:37

Op. I think it would look better slightly shorter. Why not have another look around. All the sales are on.

That's a lot of money if money is tight. You have a lovely figure. Try something more fitted.

I thought you already had the dress.

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