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quick question for kondo people

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holdyourown Sat 01-Aug-15 15:32:40

..have you put all your winter and summer stuff in together like she suggests? confused
I'm doing it but now have summer and winter dresses all together which looks a bit funny. Have done the arrow pointing right shape in wardrobe but I have another wardrobe should I do another arrow shape eg one of tops and one of bottoms. Oh dear my question is less quick grin
I have chucked out loads, but am not sure about having say just skirts all together, would normally put stuff in 'outfits' in my wardrobe. Also I'm finding the rule about how to store tops a bit odd, won't they just fall over?

FrugalFashionista Sat 01-Aug-15 16:07:38

If you fold the tops correctly (see the video on the Kondo thread) the tops won't fall over.

I think you should modify Kondo ideas to suit your lifestyle. I had separate summer and winter wardrobes for many years but come spring I was always slow to retrieve my summer outfits and ended up buying new ones. If both of your wardrobes are equally accessible creating a summer and a winter wardrobe would work.

I would continue storing by outfit. I used to store clothes by item type and it works well for wire baskets but not too well for hanging stuff - I have now sorted by color and it is a million times better.

holdyourown Sat 01-Aug-15 16:14:43

Thanks frugal smile Did you sort 'outfits' by colour or just say trousers by colour and tops in a separate section by colour?
I think the only trouble with having winter and summer wardrobes is the winter stuff is much bulkier and would include coats (although I have put some coats elsewhere as they don't all fit in blush ) I used to have one wardrobe for 'going out' stuff - hardly used grin and another for everyday stuff. Maybe I'll do all summer dresses together and winter dresses together next to it. I need mrs kondo to actually come to my house. Thanks about the video will take a look

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