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Does anyone else own a lot of things in the same colours?

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stripytees Sat 01-Aug-15 13:07:15

I realised this week that most of my clothes are different shades of blues.
And looking at what my favourite brands offer, they do seem to have the same colour palette every season. Mostly blue, and somr teal, grey, white/cream with a few yellow and pink things.

Blue really suits me but it's getting a bit boring to choose between a blue top and another blue top every morning...

SqueezyCheeseWeasel Sat 01-Aug-15 13:15:16

Your name is very apt for my reply. I am over run with stripes.

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Sat 01-Aug-15 13:18:33

My wardrobe is almost entirely black, grey or denim blue with a very few bits of colour and white to break it up. It works for me!

ZenNudist Sat 01-Aug-15 13:20:39

I have loads of navy things, and white with blue stripe. Plus pink and white tops. I like my wardrobe to work together. I have lots of old clothes in reality like and plenty of red/burgundy in the winter .

Sticking to a few colours is sensible. I'm also trying to stick to similar proportions and shop for gaps in my wardrobe but invariably it goes wrong.

I'm dreading having to get new autumn wardrobe. All my clothes get so worn out.

TheHappinessTrap Sat 01-Aug-15 13:20:54

I do plains and patterns in blues and greys, sometimes green, sometimes brown. I do at times also think my wardrobe is boring and covet more colour but when I steer away from this basic palette it tends to be a mistake, such as a pink scarf or a red or orange top that make my face look red and blotchy, or white or black which drain me of any colour. I look like I have a healthier glow in the blues and greys. The browns and greens I wear because I like them but they are on the edge of what suits me as I can fade away into them. I veer between acceptance and wasteful mistakes.

RJnomore Sat 01-Aug-15 13:22:31

I have black, red, deep green and royal blue/navy. I've recently experimented with turquoise and yellow and still trying to get used to it!!

NeuNewNouveau Sat 01-Aug-15 13:23:45

When my washing machine broke I took a load of clothes to a friend's house to use her machine. I was rather embarrassed to see I had six navy and white stripy tops! All slightly different but not sure I need six of them!!

SpecificOcean Sat 01-Aug-15 13:59:15

I have four main colours- Black, grey, white and blue. Plus a few bits in purple and pink. I have virtually no patterns either - no stripes, spots, checks.

burnishedsilver Sat 01-Aug-15 14:08:08

Black, grey, denim with the odd touch of burgandy. It's getting boring.

Iatemyskinnyperson Sat 01-Aug-15 14:29:07

Yes, navy, white, coral and Aqua/jade greens. Without exception! Amd generally the same 'look' square-shaped loose tops with rolled-up skinnies and tan flats. My sister says it's a uniform.

meglet Sat 01-Aug-15 14:47:19

nude pinks and greys.

Leopard print.

really boring blush .

knackeredknitter Sat 01-Aug-15 14:56:32

Grey, black, denim, purple, and some white. Thinking about adding green.....might be a mistake

paulapantsdown Sat 01-Aug-15 15:02:14

Navy, black, white and denim. Stripes and spots in those three colours.

Remaining is all leopard print.

Happy36 Sat 01-Aug-15 15:02:21

Yes! Grey, white and pale pink.

I work as a teacher and more or less wear a self-imposed uniform to work. An ex-student posted a photo on social media of herself wearing a pale pink dress with sandals the same colour, a grey jumper tied around her shoulders and a huge handbag and captioned it, "Guess who I am channelling?" and 16 people commented, "Miss Happy36". She looked great (much better than I ever do, or could), but I hadn´t realised my "style" was quite so definitive.

I guess everyone sticks to colours so that accessories and make-up match and also we have colours that suit us and colours we like.

BestIsWest Sat 01-Aug-15 15:24:02

Dark blue, oatmeal, deep pink and sea greens.

GeorginaWorsley Sat 01-Aug-15 15:24:59

As I said on the too many clothes thread , my wardrobe is navy, slate, airforce blue, grey, silver, charcoal and bit of black and white.
It looks like a rail from a white Company shop.

CordeliaFoxx Sat 01-Aug-15 15:25:49

Mainly black, quite a lot of polka dots at the moment too. A little bit of purple and red to break it up.

hollyisalovelyname Sat 01-Aug-15 15:59:37

Black, navy, white, pale blue, pale pink, pale green and peach.

Happy36 Sat 01-Aug-15 16:02:49

Do you think we buy these colours freely, or are these just the colours available in the shops?

Doobigetta Sat 01-Aug-15 16:11:08

Lots of navy, charcoal, silver and both deep and pale pink. By chance, one item in each shade from true green to true blue and all the turquoises in between. Quite a lot of purples. Some black. All cool tones- no oranges, golds, anything like that. All chosen because I know those colours work for me. This year is the first in several that pale pink has been around much I the shops, and I've bought loads because I spent a few years wanting pink and not being able to find it.

Dowser Sat 01-Aug-15 16:23:44

Lots of floral dresses with white / blue theme. Lots of everything to be honest. I'm never stuck for anything to wear which is a plus!

My favourite dresses at the moment are from quiz. Floral, sleeveless with a black band at the bottom . If it gets chilly Like it has been they look good with a pair of black boots.

Notcontent Sat 01-Aug-15 17:04:40

Yes - it makes life much easier if things match!

I wear black, grey, navy, coral and some shades or blue. I also have lots of stripy tops!!!!

DarylDixonsDarlin Sat 01-Aug-15 17:38:16

I'll join the navy/white stripy tops club, just looked outside and theres 3 on the washing line, just from one load blush. Bird print stuff I seem to accumulate too hmm but I love it shamelessly

Dark denim jeans, white blousy-tops and navy lightweight cardigans are my other multiples. But they're so mix and matchable, I find them all quite versatile and I can mix them in with something of a different colour if necessary. The only other colours I have are teal, orange, brown, black and blue.

Happy36 Sat 01-Aug-15 18:32:59

Yes to navy and white striped tops! This holiday I have lived in them with cut-offs.

helzapoppin2 Sat 01-Aug-15 18:33:28


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