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Gap Modern Bootcut Trousers - please tell me the sizing is madness

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Marmaladybird Sat 01-Aug-15 07:53:42

Picked these up in the sale yesterday - all it says on them is Modern Bootcut. Gorgeous fabric and they were only £12.99 so I bought the closest to my size I could find - 16R (UK).

Usually I'm a 12-14 but don't mind a bit of looseness as I hate the feeling of trousers digging in (I'm squishy) and the possibility of anything camel-esque going on down there.

Tried them on and they just about fit. They are very close fitting, possibly even too tight. They fit, they are gorgeous but they are not the oversized slightly loose trousers I thought they'd be.

Gap sizes are usually a lot bigger than this, aren't they? Anyone else experienced similar with the Modern Bootcut fit?

GobblersKnob Sat 01-Aug-15 07:59:58

I usually find Gap sizes humongous, and go down one or more often two sizes.

But could well belive these are an aberration, Gap is hardly well made anymore, it's probably why they went so cheap in the sale.

Brillenbar Sat 01-Aug-15 08:11:54

Gap and banana republic sizing is utter madness and completely unpredictable. Generally yes they come up large. But not always. I've bought the same style in different colours and there have been 2 inches difference all over. It is just pot luck ....

Jacksterbear Sat 01-Aug-15 13:00:13

Are you sure the sizing is UK? Don't Gap usually label with US sizes? (In which case a 16 would be a 12 UK.)

Jacksterbear Sat 01-Aug-15 13:04:37

Or have I got that the wrong way round? Argh - have confused myself! confusedblush

Marmaladybird Sat 01-Aug-15 13:10:53

It says 16UK on them. Glad it's not just me though.

MaryBerrysEyelashes Sat 01-Aug-15 13:50:10

gap sizes normally HUGE
but you could have got a duff one

Daffolil Sat 01-Aug-15 14:06:50

I've found Gap sizing utterly random, especially if sale items. I'm 5'8" and before marriage / baby I was 10st ish and had Gap stuff from size 8 to 16. It's not you!

RaisingSteam Sun 02-Aug-15 01:04:32

I've got some but they were so cheap I can't be bothered to schlep back to the shopping centre to return them. They are weirdly tight all the way down to the knee and that was the 16 - I'm normally a 14. Keeping them in case I lose a few lbs. I once went in and tried on all the black stretchy trousers variations and the sizing varied hugely.

AwkwardSquad Sun 02-Aug-15 07:11:14

I've found recently that Gap sizing has got a lot meaner, and the quality has deteriorated. I think they're cutting corners.

Runningupthathill82 Sun 02-Aug-15 08:04:48

Gap sizing is mad. Generally I find their stuff is at least two sizes bigger than it says on the label (I'm a UK 6 in gap and a 10 in topshop?!) but I can well believe these trousers are an exception.

Their kids stuff comes up v small too, in my experience.

MaryBerrysEyelashes Sun 02-Aug-15 09:08:39

Agree this last year sizing more accurate

burnishedsilver Sun 02-Aug-15 11:13:17

I usually take 3 pairs of the same gap jeans in the same size into the dressing room because no two pairs fit the same. Your jeans are probably reduced because they are an anomaly.

lurkingaround Sun 02-Aug-15 11:19:03

Agree with MaryB, sizing has become a bit more accurate this year.

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