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Is this dress too bridal for a wedding guest??

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GingerFoxInAT0phat Thu 30-Jul-15 22:35:00

Hi, I'm going to a verrrrrry fancy wedding next month. I've only been to 2 weddings that were far more casual than this one so don't have a lot of wedding experience.

I've seen this dress and all my friends (who are going) have said its lovely etc.

Then I showed my sister who said she'd kick me out if I turned up to her wedding in it shockgrin

So..... I'd like some impartial views please, incase me friends are setting me up for a roasting!

GingerFoxInAT0phat Thu 30-Jul-15 22:36:31

Goddamn, incase MY friends that should be, and apologise for any other grammer/spelling mistakes. Tis late grin

Passmethecrisps Thu 30-Jul-15 22:36:45

I am no s&b icon but yep, bride wannabe.

Amazing frock though. Buy it and keep it to swish around the house in

SkatesMcgee Thu 30-Jul-15 22:37:28

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

FunkyPeacock Thu 30-Jul-15 22:38:16

I would not personally wear that dress to a wedding

In another colour it would be fine

Lucked Thu 30-Jul-15 22:38:39

Yes too bridal for a guest imo. It doesn't strike me as a wedding guest outfit, is the wedding in the UK?

PurpleDaisies Thu 30-Jul-15 22:38:42

It is absolutely beautiful but I wouldn't wear it to a wedding. Sorry!

Buttercup27 Thu 30-Jul-15 22:38:58

Gorgeous dress but not appropriate for a wedding. My general rules are stay away from anything white or cream and possibly lacey (but that depends on colour)

Bluebell29 Thu 30-Jul-15 22:39:41

I'd steer clear of this dress I'm afraid! Check out Asos, they have a section with dresses for weddings and occasion dresses. You can definitely find a fabulous dress that doesn't look like you're a second bride!

ChaircatMiaow Thu 30-Jul-15 22:40:25

Beautiful dress, but good lord NOT appropriate for wedding, sorry.

WonkyPonky Thu 30-Jul-15 22:40:27

Definitely too bridal I think. Soz!

Mulligrubs Thu 30-Jul-15 22:41:38

Lovely dress but too bridal! Don't wear it!

GingerFoxInAT0phat Thu 30-Jul-15 22:42:51

Aw man, but it's so pretty!!

I saw it a while ago on Asos funnily enough bluebell but it was sold out, then just seen it on eBay and started to hope...

I have a couple of other back up choices that are a bit more costly.

Strangely enough if it was my wedding I'd wear something a lot more simple but in drawn to this like a moth to a lightbulb.

AllThatGlistens Thu 30-Jul-15 22:43:09

It's lovely, but definitely has too much of a bridal air about it, sorry OP.

GingerFoxInAT0phat Thu 30-Jul-15 22:43:27

Back up?

defineme Thu 30-Jul-15 22:43:38

Your friends are clueless. Total bride wannabe dress - actually very similar to my wedding dress!

DoTheDuckFace Thu 30-Jul-15 22:44:25

Gorgeous but definitely not appropriate for the wedding. Imagine if the bride went for understated elegance or classic sophistication and wore something very similar.

DoTheDuckFace Thu 30-Jul-15 22:46:02

Back up is also nice and much better than the first option. Seems a bit bridemaidy to be though sorry. What is her colour scheme?

GingerFoxInAT0phat Thu 30-Jul-15 22:48:36

Hmm I wonder if all my friends will be outcasts too, they are making the races outfits seem casual.

I know the bride quite well and the whole wedding is out and out glamour, very blingy etc.

The back up is bridemaidsy? Eek! It's a crop top and skirt if that makes a difference.

circlesea Thu 30-Jul-15 22:48:44

Way too bridal! And if I were you I'd be seriously wondering if my friends were really my friends or if they were s**t stirrers trying to get the bride looking daggers at you for their own entertainment.

GingerFoxInAT0phat Thu 30-Jul-15 22:51:38

Think I must be totally getting the idea wrong, my usual style is very boho, laid back so I didn't want to look like a tramp so have probably gone 360 in the wrong direction.

SweetSorrow Thu 30-Jul-15 22:53:02

I LOVE the backup outfit, not at all bridesmaid-y. Coast have something quite similar I saw it in the shop last week

GingerFoxInAT0phat Thu 30-Jul-15 22:56:05

The back up outfit is a top and skirt from Coast. The top is sold out online though, bloody wedding season grin

Keeptrudging Thu 30-Jul-15 22:56:35

The back-up is lovely, don't think it's bridesmaidy either. The dress - absolutely not!! grin

GingerFoxInAT0phat Thu 30-Jul-15 23:02:10

It's pretty though isn't it, might have to do a Monica and get it to do housework in grin

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