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Facial oil recommendations please

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badgerinapreviouslife Thu 30-Jul-15 19:25:07

I've been using Antipodes Avocado facial oil for a while but was just wondering about other brands. Needs to be quite 'pure' as my skin can be a bit grumpy...

applecatchers36 Thu 30-Jul-15 21:04:34

REN omega 3 facial oil is good (- available from m&s)
Also Neals yard Frankincense facial oil is very good

Wolpertinger Thu 30-Jul-15 21:18:03

Grumpy in what way? And what do you want your facial oil to do?

If your skin is prone to acne, it will prob be happier without a facial oil, regardless of how 'pure' it is.

badgerinapreviouslife Thu 30-Jul-15 22:12:52

Rosecea(?), which has died down a lot since necking Aloe Vera, but I've found a nice facial wash (simple/Liz Earle) plus a light smoothing of a facial oil makes my boat race happy and not "myopic tomato".

Featherbluedot Thu 30-Jul-15 22:15:20

Lots of people use bio oil these days as a facial oil.

Featherbluedot Thu 30-Jul-15 22:16:57

The oil I use occasionally is clarins lotus oil because my skin is prone to rosacea. Bio oil is better for dry skin that's not prone to spots.

MrsMarigold Thu 30-Jul-15 22:17:10

I am prone to spots but find a hot muslin with Clarins Marula Oil face melt pretty good. In fact since I started using it my skin is the clearest it has been in ages.

Shop Thu 30-Jul-15 22:48:52

Liz Earle super skin oil or AD Skin Synergy night oil are my 2 favourites.

yazzy85 Fri 31-Jul-15 09:59:14

My skin is spot prone but I get on well with Clarins Lotus Oil and Trilogy Rosehip Oil when I need extra moisture.

BumbleNova Fri 31-Jul-15 10:04:47

I have very sensitive skin and I have been using this at night which my skin seems to really like:

it makes my skin really soft.

SuperFlyHigh Fri 31-Jul-15 10:19:58

Neals Yard Rose is amazing

potap123 Fri 31-Jul-15 10:27:36

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Mimigolightly Fri 31-Jul-15 11:21:13

I use Oskia's Restorative Oil or Sunday Riley's Luna Oil at night.

Lottapianos Fri 31-Jul-15 11:23:57

I use extra virgin olive oil on my dry skin, massage in a few drops every other night or so. Works fine

I've been tempted by the posh facial oils but don't know what they would do for my skin that the olive oil doesn't

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