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32f in bandeau bikini - worth a try?

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hillyhilly Thu 30-Jul-15 17:11:09

So, I've avoided bandeau bikinis for 20odd years as my ample chest has always looked ridiculous in them,
I've now found Lepel online that come in a 32f/ff which is my size - will the fact that its properly sized mean that it actually fits, has anyone similiarly norked tried one please?
I usually go for a bra shaped, underwired, cup sized bikini but I do fancy strapless for a change.
I dont vigorously run or even swim really so it won't have to stand up to too much!!

TwistAndShout Thu 30-Jul-15 17:13:46

Im 30f and just bought one from panache that I'm really pleased with. It's very secure and gives a good shape. I normally go for halter neck bikinis but as panache bras fit well, I decided to try it. Go for it!

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