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Two clothing challenges if anybody is bored

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CatsCantFlyFast Wed 29-Jul-15 18:30:41

Looking for some help please. I need (and have had no success finding)

A dress for a September wedding. Preferably long sleeves as I'm not a huge fan of wearing a jacket/blazer but am always cold. Def no mini skirts or anything right around the tummy. Not anything on the aubergine or purple colour range as that's the bridesmaids.

Some evening tops - not too short as I'm long in the body and dont have a stomach that deserves to be on show. Nothing that will show a bra strap or requires a strapless/multiway bra as I'm struggling with bras atm due to bf-ing and odd shaped boobs

I'm tall (5'11), 33, and a 10 ish - newly carrying weight on my hips and thighs since having DD last year. Boobs are spaniels ears thanks to bf. I wear a lot of black/grey but suit pink tones and green too. I'm struggling with tops as everything either seems too young, too casual (I own lots of lovely tees but want something a bit more "night out" than casual drink down the pub) or too old. If it helps my typical shopping would (used to) be all saints, reiss, whistles and similar

helterskelter99 Wed 29-Jul-15 18:40:54

I tend to shop Long tall Sally for length of tops, I eye things up and then buy in the sales.
Mint velvet has some nice things but I need to try on because lots are too short

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