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Curly Girl method - advice for a novice pls.

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AnonyMusty Wed 29-Jul-15 08:56:54

I have been straightening my hair fir over two years but I've decided to give in to the curl. After all, my hair always curls despite my efforts and if I could get it (curl) right, it would be fab.!
I find the book and the you tubes, threads etc all too much. Information overload.
What do I do... in simple terms that an exhausted working mummy might understand?
Which UK products are best? Where can I buy them?

AnonyMusty Wed 29-Jul-15 08:57:55

Already thinking of going to salon in Birmingham but would like to start it off myself first so that my hair is in as natural a state as possible by the time I go. .

angelicjen Wed 29-Jul-15 09:34:45

It took my years to beat the frizz and fall in love with my curls, but I got there and I hope you do too!
What works for me:
No shampoo.
Generous amount of John Freida Dream Curls conditioner, not washed out very thoroughly.
Micro fibre towel - just squeeze, no rubbing. Quick and gentle comb through.
Normal day, Umberto Giannini Curl Friends scrunching jelly.
Special, DevaCurl Ultra defining gel (Amazon).
Tip head upside down, scrunch big blob of product throughout. Hair needs to still be quite wet. Then use fingers to tidy up curls, kind of twizzle bits so they form bigger corkscrews.
DO NOT TOUCH TIL PRETTY MUCH DRY! Will not look perfect at this stage.
Then kind of shake head, use fingers to bounce curls up a bit. Now it should look perfect! This stage is only about 30 mins in summer but can take a while in winter. A diffuser dryer helps when it's freezing or you're in a rush.
I really hope this helps grin

Sansarya Wed 29-Jul-15 09:40:06

How do you manage without shampooing? I tried it for a couple of weeks and my hair became very greasy and lank.

angelicjen Wed 29-Jul-15 17:02:27

It just never gets greasy, only dry and fluffy if it's shampooed. I guess it's just about figuring out what works for your hair.

JennyOnAPlate Wed 29-Jul-15 17:24:27

I've been experimenting with curly girl for about a year now. I've learned that no shampoo doesn't work for me so I shampoo with tresseme naturals. I then saturate my hair with tresseme naturals conditioner and comb through with a wide tooth comb (combs are generally frowned upon but my hair is so thick it just ends up a tangled mess if I don't).

I leave all of the conditioner in my hair and wrap it in a microfibre towel whilst I get dressed/do make up etc. I then take the towel off and squeeze the ends of my hair with it so it's not dripping down my back. I add some Eco gel (available from Amazon) and leave to dry naturally. Lots of people have great success with diffusers but they don't work on my mop!!

I found its very much a question of trial and error with method and products!

AnonyMusty Fri 31-Jul-15 04:52:29

Thank you all! The products that you've all mentioned... are they Curly Girl 'approved'? I mean, are you silicone free etc. I notice that CG recommend against using certain product which confuses me as to which of mine to chuck.

Sansarya Fri 31-Jul-15 20:05:45

I've always found that silicone-based serums like Frizz Ease and Moroccanoil worked best for my hair.

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