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Starting Caroline Hirons regime - what products to buy in the US

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uppereastsidemom Wed 29-Jul-15 02:10:41

...that are better value than in UK / Europe?

I'm on a serious budget but also seriously need to do something about my yucky blotchy wrinkly postpartum skin asap!!

I'm planning a trip to Ricky's and Sephora at the weekend to stock up and start getting serious so your advice and suggestions please grin

I'm using Cerave. You have that right? Love it.

MsBojangles Wed 29-Jul-15 12:13:37

CH raves bout Kate Summerville products, only available in the US.

burnishedsilver Wed 29-Jul-15 13:10:56

Not quite skincare but - tooth whitening strips.

uppereastsidemom Wed 29-Jul-15 14:01:05

Hadn't heard of Cerave but will definitely check it out! Thanks!

mowglik Wed 29-Jul-15 14:43:00

Cerave pm lotion is great for healing and rebuilding the skin barrier if you are planning to or do use acids and retinoids, and cerave foaming cleanser which is a great pH if you are prone to acne etc

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