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School coat to double up for skiing?

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Rojak Tue 28-Jul-15 19:55:15

DD has a ski trip coming up with her school and instead of buying a coat for school and another for the ski trip, I was wondering if I could just buy one coat to do both?

Any recommendations? Thanks

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Tue 28-Jul-15 20:01:21

Don't know old DD is but how about something like this?

Loads of other suitable jackets on the same site...

Rojak Tue 28-Jul-15 20:02:44

She's 11 - should have said

Rojak Tue 28-Jul-15 20:04:26

That's a very good price for Didrikson but she's just a little too tall for the largest size - thanks

TobikkoRoll Tue 28-Jul-15 20:06:08

How old is your DD? And does her school have a uniform policy for coats? If not and she can have any colour etc. then I would absolutely get one jacket for the winter.

Mine had surfanic ski jackets for most of their primary school years, which they wore skiing too. Good quality and not too expensive.

BikeRunSki Tue 28-Jul-15 20:07:37

DS always has a ski jacket as a school winter coat, as he needs something both warm and waterproof for the walk from breakfast club to school.

Does it need to be a particular colour? If so, h&m do great plain coloured ski jackets every winter, usually in the shops around September. About £35. we've had about 4, one zip broke after a couple of years' use, otherwise excellent.

If it doesn't need to be a particular colour, the brighter the better! search Dare2Be, Tresspass and Surfdome. They often clear out their last season's ski wear at this time of year, so you could get bargain. Good brands include North Face, Columbia and Helly Hansen. Words to look for are "insulated" (warm) and dwp (durable waterproof proofing).

Land's End ski gear/outdoor stuff is superb too, and they often have odds and ends in their online clearance bit.

museumum Tue 28-Jul-15 20:10:22

I swear by either decathlon or trespass for kids ski gear. Just make sure it's properly waterproof for the UK rain - not all ski gear is rain proof as snow doesn't soak in the same.

Rojak Tue 28-Jul-15 20:59:46

Thanks so much - lots of ideas there and she's not restricted to colour for school coat so that's a bonus smile

sleepwhenidie Tue 28-Jul-15 21:01:12

I've done this the last couple of years for my DC's with the North Face jackets with the detachable fleece inside, they have been fantastic.

LondonRocks Tue 28-Jul-15 23:57:50

Muddy Puddles also have ski coats. My niece has them, they're great.

MaxieMouse Tue 28-Jul-15 23:59:08

Mine use decathlon ski jackets for both skiing and school. Good quality and very well priced.

RaisingSteam Wed 29-Jul-15 00:01:46

My DC have Trespass ski jackets as winter coats anyway, as unlike most anoraks they are actually waterproof. Poor things they are never likely to see the ski slopes!

Noseypoke Wed 29-Jul-15 00:14:32

H&M do really ski coats for kids that are quite plain so good for school.

sleepwhenidie Wed 29-Jul-15 09:01:21

A second vote for Muddy Puddles, great value. POP ones are fantastic too and are incredibly hard wearing, expensive but can be handed down or get good resale on EBay.

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