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Lands End - US versus UK site - guess which one charges £12 and £60 for same item?

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ShakespearesSister01 Mon 27-Jul-15 19:07:30

Attempting to buy swimwear - but mistakenly went on US site - same things but much cheaper. I thought they were based in Cornwall.

Hate Lands End BUT being based in Cornwall doesn't mean you can't branch out and sell to the US, does it?

Wrong that it's so much cheaper though

Oh and I've just looked because you mentioned the prices (not because I want to shop!!!) an they ship over here, so you may save yourself some pennies depending on the delivery costs.

ErrolTheDragon Mon 27-Jul-15 19:22:34

AFAIK it's a US-based company - all the shoe sizes are American. I think the name arose because their original thing was a nautical vibe.

BikeRunSki Mon 27-Jul-15 19:23:15

They are American, never been based in Cornwall (there is at least one place called Land's End in the US). Seasalt are based in Cornwall.

ggirl Mon 27-Jul-15 19:23:45

it's an american company
house of fraser and debenhams do some of their stuff

TheyGotTheMustardOut Mon 27-Jul-15 19:24:09

Errol has it right, it's a US company.

Oh, that makes sense! I always thought they were Cornish based too, probably due to the name blush

SpongeBobJudgeyPants Mon 27-Jul-15 19:30:14

Maybe because of how the pound is against the dollar?

AWimbaWay Mon 27-Jul-15 19:49:41

This link explains it all well, I used to live in Oakham and must admit thought that is where the brand originated.

ouryve Mon 27-Jul-15 19:55:54

It's a US company, hence the buttons all being on the "wrong" side.

Fab for older boys' stuff, though. Cheaper than Next in the bigger sizes and much better quality.

ShakespearesSister01 Mon 27-Jul-15 20:28:59

Ahhh but on the website it said it started up in Cornwall - at Lands End. But that must be a marketing thing? Shame as the U.S. site is so much cheaper

BikeRunSki Mon 27-Jul-15 21:03:11

On the link AWimbaWay posted, it says "From small beginnings in Chicago..."

BikeRunSki Mon 27-Jul-15 21:05:59

It says they started selling in the UK in the early 90s, but we definitely had some Land's End outdoor stuff in the 1980s that friends brought back from the U.S. Also LLBean and Gap!

ErrolTheDragon Mon 27-Jul-15 22:48:44

It's good for girls clothes too. And petites - I often stock up t-shirts in their sales.

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