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How to "contain"bra straps?

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TattieHowkerz Mon 27-Jul-15 13:33:46

I've bought a new dress which I am hoping to wear to a wedding this Saturday.

It is this:

Sorry on the app and can't do links. I'd like to wear a normal bra with it but realise the straps would show at the back. I'm sure I've seen somewhere a trick or something you can do to hook in the bra straps. Anyone got any ideas?

Kittykatmacbill Mon 27-Jul-15 16:09:17

Safety pin to shoulder seems and either tie with ribbon / string / safety pin whatever the back of your bra straps you will need a helpful friend to do this with you!

Bert2e Mon 27-Jul-15 16:17:15

Don't you need a racer back bra under that or some racer back converter clips? Racer Back Clips

TattieHowkerz Tue 28-Jul-15 00:03:50

Thanks Kitty and Bertie. I've ordered some clips and will have the safety pin on standby if they don't do the job.

valerie123 Tue 28-Jul-15 20:44:00

You might be better going strapless, for example with the Wonderbra Ultimate, which is reputed to be very good (not sold in my size).

Those plastic clips have a lot of problems. They can be very difficult to install without help (pinging across the room!) and the straps on most bras simply aren't long enough. After cross-wear, the edges of the straps can get stretched & crinkly, ruining the bra for normal wear.

They are uncomfortable and your straps end up cutting into the base of your neck (and could become visible again).

Another problem which I have had is that they pull the back of the band together, so your bra clasp becomes slack and the underwires cut into you. It's like wearing a bra which is two sizes too small!

LHReturns Tue 28-Jul-15 23:23:58

Strapless would be best if you are small busted. As a DD I find all strapless hopelessly uncomfortable and my boobs slip down through the day (so sexy) but I love racer back bras...or just a crossover strap bra would also work...

Agree with Valerie re the clips...pain in butt.

LHReturns Tue 28-Jul-15 23:24:34

Gorgeous dress btw...

pinkfrocks Wed 29-Jul-15 08:45:53

You need a racer back bra or ideally strapless.

That dress has cutaway shoulders and the pins you are thinking of won't work- they are really for using under sleeveless dresses just to stop the straps slipping, not for hiding straps when the shoulders at the back or cut away as much.

KatherinaMinova Wed 29-Jul-15 11:04:20

I have a dress like this. The most effective way to contain the straps is as kitty describes - get a friend to gather the two straps together at the back and tie with a short length of ribbon. It really works - no need for anything else.

KatherinaMinova Wed 29-Jul-15 11:04:51

You don't need the safety pin by the way - just tie at the back.

TattieHowkerz Wed 29-Jul-15 19:32:44

The clips haven't arrived yet but I will experiment with them or a ribbon - will recruit DP to tie me up smile. I don't have time to shop for a new bra before Saturday so hopefully will manage from the suggestions here!

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