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What is this hair product I'm describing?

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CherryBonBon Mon 27-Jul-15 10:45:53

I want something that I can apply to towel dried hair that will stop my thick hair becoming frizzy once it's dry.

Have tried oils, serums and things like texturizing sprays/salt sprays and my hair looks lovely and wavy when damp but turns into a hay bale once it's dry.


Pupsiecola Mon 27-Jul-15 11:02:14

I've just started using Pureology Colour Fanatic 21. It's brilliant. And I have bought a new hairdryer - a Parlus 3800. I was cynical about the hairdryer but I love it. I have A LOT of hair and it can be course/dry and go frizzy (it's wavy but in an unruly way lol).

I ditched silicone shampoos a year or so ago and just use Pureology now. It's very expensive, but you need the tiniest amounts.

yazzy85 Wed 29-Jul-15 22:26:51

Leave in conditioner and a hair oil?

Onedayinthesun Wed 29-Jul-15 23:53:39

This. One spray - amazing hair product

DonkeyOaty Thu 30-Jul-15 00:33:16

Counter intuitive but you need a BBH and to embrace drying hair with a gadget.

SwedishEdith Thu 30-Jul-15 00:48:15

Only a hairdryer stops the frizz for me. Cannot ever let it dry naturally.

littlebluecar Thu 30-Jul-15 00:48:19

My hair became dry and frizzy as I went grey, taking it blonder probs made it thirstier too. I now use ordinary conditioner, usually lush but any really as a leave in product. Leave in ones that are bought just aren't enough, hair looks styled and soft with the conditioner. There is a heat activated anti frizz serum I use when I blow dry, but have run out and don't know the name til ii see it. It is for curly hair which mine was once though now shorter it only curls in fog!

xmaslisa Thu 30-Jul-15 01:07:45

Ghd air hair dryer and morrocan oil tame this frizzy beast followed by bed head after party smoothing cream!

plannedshock Thu 30-Jul-15 04:37:50

It's not necessarily the product it's the way you dry your hair. A good smoothing serum or Moroccan oil should be enough. Never blow your hair all over the place, use a nozzle, then right at the end give it a blast of cold air (in the direction you want it to sit)

AnotheBloodyChinHair Thu 30-Jul-15 07:31:07

Also, don't towel dry your hair with a towel, do it with an old cotton t-shirt. I grab one of my DH's old cotton t-shirts, cut it in half from armpit to armpit, disregard the neck part, you're left with an infinity loop, again cut it open and voila, use that to wrap your hair in a turban after you wash it. Leave it for as long as poss (get dressed, have breakfast, put make up on...). Then tiny bit of oil and whatever styling product you use and blow dry in sections with a nozzle.

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