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Gel nail help, please

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CormoranStrike Sun 26-Jul-15 19:33:15

Hi, I have bought myself a three week nail kit and tonight did my own nails for the first time - not a bad effort, either.

I have approx ten colours in my kit (bought second hand) but only like around three of them.

Will I need to stick to this brand of gel polish, or can I mix and match with whatever is on special offer?


chocolateyy Sun 26-Jul-15 19:44:32

They all recommend that you only use the same brand of base, colour & top coat.

However, I mix & match, and I've never had a problem.

FWIW, I buy the best quality base & top coats I can, and buy the cheap colour coats from ebay on the basis that the colour coat isn't touching my skin)

CormoranStrike Sun 26-Jul-15 21:32:09

Thank you. What is the best brand?

rockybalboa Sun 26-Jul-15 21:37:04

I mix and match and have never had a problem. At the moment I have a mix of Sensationail, Bluesky and Gellux.

itsbetterthanabox Mon 27-Jul-15 01:24:25

How are you buying Gellux?
Don't use bluesky op. Use brands for non professionals eg red carpet or SensatioNail. That's the safest way.

EatShitDerek Mon 27-Jul-15 01:33:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

rockybalboa Mon 27-Jul-15 08:00:40

I didn't buy the Gellux. They were a present from someone who works in a beauty wholesalers.

OP, make your own decisions about Bluesky, it is perfectly safe and meets all the EU safety criteria etc (although it didn't used to but does now).

Toohotforme Mon 27-Jul-15 18:06:45

I've just bought a kit with Bluesky polishes and did my first manicure today. For a novice I'm v pleased......what's the issue with Bluesky please? I'm new to gel nail colours and bought my own lamp etc from amazon as I was disappointed with my pro manicure which chipped after 5 thinking was at least I can touch up my own even if they chip! I haven't got the time or money to be going back and forth to a nail technician.

itsbetterthanabox Mon 27-Jul-15 18:46:28

Bluesky are a knock off brand of CND shellac. They sell by trying to trick people into thinking its shellac (same bottle design, calling it shellac). This impacts badly on technicians who use that product. They also sell a product that should be professional only to the public on eBay, they have an unsafe track record and don't offer any kind help or support.
There are gel products specifically for non professionals to use eg redcarpet and SensatioNail. These are safe for general use offer instructions, support and hygiene and safety advice.
Professional products shouldn't be used by untrained people and bluesky is a dubious pro product.

EatShitDerek Mon 27-Jul-15 18:48:20

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

StatisticallyChallenged Mon 27-Jul-15 19:30:30

Personally I've used Bluesky and found them ok, I didn't particularly like their base and top coats but I'm now using the CND Shellac ones with whatever colour in the middle - bluesky, red carpet, sensationail and a few others.

I also sometimes use a normal nail polish in the middle. It doesn't last as long - maybe a week - but is a good in between for when I want to do something which I might not want on for as long!

itsbetterthanabox Mon 27-Jul-15 19:31:27

Statistically how are you buying CND shellac?

StatisticallyChallenged Mon 27-Jul-15 19:52:51

On Amazon - direct from amazon not a dodgy shipped from china one grin

rockybalboa Mon 27-Jul-15 21:14:21

Shellac is a brand name. Like Hoover. Or Gelish in nail terms. My Bluesky stuff doesn't claim to be Shellac. I couldn't give a shiny shit what it's name is. It passes all the necessary EU safety tests abs because I don't care about brand names, I'm more than happy to use it. Like I said originally OP, make your own choices. Some professionals (inc the poster above obviously) get verrrrrrry tetchy about Bluesky. And clearly this poster has a bee in her bonnet about how home users could possibly get their hands on branded stuff. Not quite sure why mind you.

rockybalboa Mon 27-Jul-15 21:16:15

Oh and I get advice, instructions, hygiene info and support from the FB group operated by the Bluesky stockist I buy from. No concerns here.

StatisticallyChallenged Mon 27-Jul-15 21:33:32

I'm happy with the Bluesky too - I just didn't find the base/top coat quite as good. DH bought me the Shellac ones and I found they are a bit easier to remove (when I want to!) but the colours...seems to be much of a muchness really. I've got a couple of their chameleon ones which are quite cool.

passmethewineplease Mon 27-Jul-15 21:41:36

I love Bluesky, their colour range is great and I've never had an issue with chipping or damaged nails. The only difference I can tell between the likes of Gelish and Shallac is the price tag. It's £20 for a bottle of Gelish. £5.50 for Bluesky. Fair enough a while ago it did try and imitate CND but has since made a name for itself alone I've no complaints anyway. TBF Aldi do the exact same imitate brands. As long as people aren't being mislead, saying that I never was because I actually like to research things before parting with my money.

Official advice is don't mix and match but I know plenty of people (home users and techs) that do with no terrible effects.

passmethewineplease Mon 27-Jul-15 21:42:40

Also shellac isn't really a gel polish. It's a hybrid.

itsbetterthanabox Mon 27-Jul-15 22:29:36

Rocky it does claim to be CND shellac. They were sued for doing it. The company and some unscrupulous techs trade on the CND name and yes they do mislead customers. Any tech who uses bluesky is not worth going to and doesn't value, skill, training or their own work or Customers.
Non professionals shouldn't and can't buy professional products. However there's always people on eBay or amazon who are happy to just make a buck.
Getting training and safety advice from a FB group is not safe or sensible.

itsbetterthanabox Mon 27-Jul-15 22:33:31

Passme bluesky is also a hybrid it's not a pure gel. Because they are a shellac knock off

passmethewineplease Mon 27-Jul-15 22:40:44

Not really, the bottles are coded and no longer use the word shellac. They've learnt their lesson I think. Like I said I have had no issues and my nails certainly aren't ruined. If anything they're longer than they've been at the moment.

Maybe people's nails get ruined because they pick them off, seen that countless times.

StatisticallyChallenged Mon 27-Jul-15 23:04:35

itsbetterthanabox it's not exactly hard to buy professional products as a non professional - I bought my CND from Amazon using prime not a random marketplace seller. I was in Sally earlier where I bought professional hair dye and where they were selling professional gel products.

There are lots of online companies who sell these products too - non professionals most certainly can buy professional products. Some suppliers are trade only but many aren't.

rockybalboa Mon 27-Jul-15 23:10:18

very clearly 'shellac style'.

itsbetterthanabox Mon 27-Jul-15 23:17:17

They wouldn't have allowed you to buy the gel polish without a trade card. They will only sell red carpet to people without a trade card.
There are many products in Sally's that can only be bought with a trade card- eg acrylic, hard gel and gel polish.
The other authorised online suppliers request proof of qualifications before they sell to you.
Yes there are people who sell it unauthorised on eBay and Amazon.

itsbetterthanabox Mon 27-Jul-15 23:21:55

Rocky they used to call it shellac directly.
Now they say 'shellac style' that's still unscrupulous. Imagine if a cheapo chocolate brand sold itself with a label saying 'Cadbury style' or a Crap laptop or phone saying it is 'Apple Mac style'. It's trading a crummy product using the professional reputation of a good brand who spent years on innovation, testing and education, this tarnishes the reputation of the product, the nail techs who spend out to use it and customers who are being mislead.

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