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Hair Straighteners

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Clutterbugsmum Sun 26-Jul-15 14:46:35

I need to buy some hair straightener for my DD. Her hair is very thick and also has a wave to it. And now she has a chin length Bob if I don't straighten it it becomes very wide and fizzy.

Which are the best to go for I don't want to spend XXX's on them.

Also what the difference between Keratin Shine and Tourmaline Gold.


Getuhda348 Mon 27-Jul-15 15:24:07

Ghds I know they are expensive but I've had mine 7 years and still going strong! Touch wood

WittgensteinsBunny Mon 27-Jul-15 16:25:20

Yes, Ghd's here too. They're ancient coming up for 9 years (in fact possibly more - I'm sure I had them before I met DH!!) and still going strong.

hollieberrie Mon 27-Jul-15 17:34:18

Boots recently had some very good half price deals on babyliss and some other good makes (I forget which ones). There were some £ 70 straighteners going for £35 so maybe worth having a look.

U2HasTheEdge Mon 27-Jul-15 19:30:58

Don't bother with GHDs, unless you can get some of the original old ones.

They were great back in their day. The new ones are shit though and snag your hair and are no better than the cheaper ones. I replaced my old broken ones and was really disappointed with them.

Cloud 9 are now made my the original makers of the GHDs I believe. So if you want good quality straighteners like GHDs, avoid new GHDs and go for Cloud 9.

Toffeelatteplease Mon 27-Jul-15 19:52:38

Nicky Clark straighteners are surprisingly good for the price

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