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Mid thirties, hairy as hell, still no perfect hair removal solution! HELP!

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coveredinsnot Sun 26-Jul-15 13:42:30

I just can't believe I've made it to my mid thirties and I still haven't found a way to effectively remove my body hair.

And I'm a pale skinned hairy monkey as well. Awful.

When I wax, even with a highly skilled hot wax person, my skin gets burnt in the sensitive areas, and on other areas, some of my skin just rips off. Very painful and not pretty. Have tried sugaring, different kinds of wax. Wax doesn't work on me.

Shaving - I'm hairy to the extent that I can shave my legs and they still feel stubbly. By the end of the day, they're positively cactus like. Horrible. Then comes the shaving rash. Have tried exfoliating, using shaving foam, conditioner, moisturising twice a day, but I get such bad shaving rash especially on my upper legs, I look diseased.

I've tried electric razors - crap. Epilators - I'm not into slow torture and still get a horrible rash afterwards.

Have had my bikini line and underarms lasered at great expense - helpful, but hair remains albeit slightly less.

I'm currently heavily pregnant which means I'm even more hairy than usual! I could probably plait my arse hair. It's terrifying.


CamelHump Sun 26-Jul-15 13:45:32

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

coveredinsnot Sun 26-Jul-15 13:49:24

Yes I've been looking into those! Not suitable for use in pregnancy though. I'm hoping they're OK to use when breastfeeding, can't see why not unless there's some hormonal issue. But yes I can imagine they're worth every penny.

In the mean time how do I tame my beastly body hair?!

Nolim Sun 26-Jul-15 13:50:29

I have used an epilator for over a decade. It was torture at first but then you get used to it. I will probably get a lumea.

MadameLeBean Sun 26-Jul-15 13:54:19

I epilate but will be getting a lumea soon

CadiM Sun 26-Jul-15 13:58:58

I'm loving my lumea. Been using it for a couple of months now and it has really slowed down hair growth. It can be time consuming and I get an itchy rash on my lower legs for a day or two after zapping (antihistamine helps) but I still love it. My epilator used to leave lots of rough bumps, like little ingrowing hairs but there's none with the lumea, my skin looks much better.

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Sun 26-Jul-15 14:05:11

You need to buy a men's Gillette Mach 3 and some Satin care shaving gel . Women's razors are awful compared to men's ones ime. Caroline Hirons uses men's razors too of it makes you feel better ,she said on Instagram wink

coveredinsnot Sun 26-Jul-15 16:03:44

Thanks Dame I'll look into mens razors for now and put a lumea on my Christmas list!

DreamingOfTheBeach Sun 26-Jul-15 16:12:41

Yes yes and yes to the philips lumea
Absolutely amazing results, and these things never work for me usually!

mrsdavidbowie Sun 26-Jul-15 16:14:09

I had legs and bikini line lasered 4 years ago.
No regrowth

Methe Sun 26-Jul-15 16:16:35

Men's razors are indeed far better than woman's. Cheaper too normally.

I'm asking for a lumea for Christmas too smile

coveredinsnot Sun 26-Jul-15 21:54:30

Does the lumea get rid of hair permanently or just for a few weeks?

Halojones2014 Sun 26-Jul-15 22:21:51

Sorry to bring bad news but you can't use the lumea when breastfeeding. I treated myself to one after dd2 was born only to read the instructions and find I couldn't bloody use it. Fingers crossed it will be worth the wait.

screamingarmadillo Sun 26-Jul-15 22:27:28

Sorry to use this thread for my own question, but I was wondering - has anyone used a Philips Lumea and been really disappointed? I have the Compact, have been using it as instructed since February, and have noticed hardly any change at all. I have the right skin/hair colour combo, and really hoped this would work after the rave reviews - but barely anything. Is the regular Lumea notably better than the compact?

HelloNewman Sun 26-Jul-15 22:50:15

Lumea - it is marvellous. It gets rid oh hair for weeks/months on end - you just need to go over periodically.

I'm currently hair free, not sure how long it will last, but it's been about 4 weeks so far.

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Sun 26-Jul-15 23:02:59

And have there been any reports of skin damage with the Lumea like you see in the paper ? I can cope with a hair chin,just, I couldn't cope with burned skin!

coveredinsnot Mon 27-Jul-15 06:58:35

Oh bugger! No lumea when breastfeeding?! I'm sure my friend has been using hers whilst breastfeeding. Ah well, I'd choose breastfeeding over hairlessness any way!

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