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Physical sunscreens

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Coastingit Sat 25-Jul-15 22:49:38

So I understand that some sunscreens are chemical, and need to bond with one's skin in order to work. That means they need to be applied directly to the skin. That doesn't work very well for me as I like to wear serum and moisturiser in the day, in addition to sunscreen - I have dry skin.

So Biore that people on here love is no good for me. I looked in Boots quickly today and the No7 Profect and Perfect facial sunscreens are also chemical.

Apart from basic sunscreens like my trusty Baby Soltan, which I'm currently using - is there anything more cosmetically elegant I can use?

I want to be able to wear foundation on top, but as I am pale skinned I am not too concerned about a white cast which I understand physical sunscreens can cause.

Any recommendations for physical, rather than chemical sunscreens appreciated. Tia thanks

mowglik Sat 25-Jul-15 23:03:04

Would you consider a sunscreen that has both physical and chemical filters? I use Biore too and find it fine but when I am out in the sun all day I use ultrasun anti pigmentation spf50 and find that quite good with no white cast

VeganCow Sun 26-Jul-15 00:19:28

How about CeraVe AM facial moisturiser which has spf30. Just feels like a moisturiser rather than a sunscreen, totally non greasy but its for normal to dry skin.

maybemyrtle Sun 26-Jul-15 00:37:52

If you are prepared to order from overseas, Burnout is good stuff. Can't link but Google burnout sunscreen and you'll find them. You can also try health food stores - you will find physical filters but they may not be acceptable if you're looking for something cosmetically elegant. Also worth looking at naturismo and content beauty online, both do samples. Good luck!

Coastingit Sun 26-Jul-15 22:21:36

Mowglik do you use that as your sole moisturiser?

I have seriously dry or dehydrated skin. I have been using Nivea blue pot with Baby Soltan on top and a serum foundation, imagine all that grease and my skin just about almost feels nourished.

And yes I have switched to Hirons. But tbh it's only the acid toning that has improved my skin. Nothing helps it moisture wise as much as Nivea so I'm ditching the serum / layering moisture faffing.

But if I could find something rich and moisturising that has SPF50 for day and I didn't need to use an additional moisturiser then that would be perfect. Until then I have to use a moisturiser underneath my sunscreen.

Surely most people do this anyway? Or do people just use sunscreen and not an additional moisturiser underneath? I really want spf50.

Hazchem Mon 27-Jul-15 12:31:01

Have a look at the Aussie brand moo goo. I use thier sun cream and I think it might work for you. I have dry skin and use an oil followed by a moisturiser then the moo goo sun cream. I haven't tried it under foundation but I think they are good with samples so maybe send them an email.

ZazieSiddharta Mon 27-Jul-15 16:50:01

Acorelle Sun Oil 30Spf works well for me on the face (serum and mist underneath but no moisturiser on top). They also do a facial sun gel spf 25 and a sunscreen that is 50spf. No white cast with oil and gel, if you really want 50spf, there is a little bit of a whitening effect with their 50spf, but the least of any physical sunscreen I have tried and the texture is lovely.

maybemyrtle Mon 27-Jul-15 17:03:27

Zazie thank you so much for posting - I was just looking at Acorelle, that's really good to hear that the texture's good. I have just ordered this to try out. I've not heard of them before, I wonder if they're new?

ZazieSiddharta Mon 27-Jul-15 18:11:43

Hello Maybe they are french I think, so new/unusual here. I think the sunscreens are a new formulation but the company isn't new iyswim. DH bought me some scent by them a few years ago, then I found the sunscreens in a shop in Madrid earlier this year and looked for them online when I got back.

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