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Wedding Guest at 7 months pregnant!

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I'm looking for something to wear to a wedding in 2 weeks time. I'm 5'11-6' in flats, so has to be a reasonable length, no mini dresses and if long it would have to be 'long' legnth.

I'm a size 14/16, it really does depend on the place. And I'm going to be 7 months, 28 weeks pregnant at that point!

Can anybody suggest anything? I can't find anything I like on ASOS, Denenhams has some Ok things, anywhere good to try?

Very naice wedding so must be appropriate! grin

SheWhoMustBe Sat 25-Jul-15 20:34:21

I wore something from when I was matron of honour at 8 and a half months pregnant. It looked good and was comfortable too, which was a not insignificant factor at that point. They were happy for me to order several dresses to try on and decide which to keep, refund on the ones I didn't keep was no problem.

Chchchchanging Sat 25-Jul-15 21:46:01

Cos- reg stuff in quirky shapes still fit!

LettuceLaughton Sat 25-Jul-15 22:22:00

What sort of budget? Tiffany Rose does often have some lovely stuff, usually a lot of once worn stuff of theirs on ebay.

So sorry everyone, I went out for dinner and haven't had chance to reply yet! Thank you, I'll look at Tiffany-Rose, and check out EBay. Ideally under £150ish, I have a few weddings coming up. I'll also try on a few different lined dresses to see if any 'normal' ones fit, I'm not actually that big I think, so may get away with it smile

Just to say thank you! Tiffany rose dresses are gorgeous and perfect. Sure to find one I like smile

sksk Tue 28-Jul-15 03:55:39

Might not be to your taste but I had a maxi dress to wear to a wedding from Dorothy Perkins when I was pregnant. It was a jersey type material but looked good. Didn't go to the wedding so wore it to an afternoon tea instead. Was comfortable too and it wasn't a maternity dress.

minijoeyjojo Tue 28-Jul-15 04:33:38

I got my pregnancy wedding outfit from here

Very pleased with the dress I got, it's perfect for a wedding and was in the sale so not expensive. I found their sizing guide to be spot on too - which is a relief after days of trawling website for stuff!

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