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This boat dress

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PetiteBateau Sat 25-Jul-15 10:34:48


Has anyone seen a dress like this anywhere?


Tizwailor Sat 25-Jul-15 10:46:36

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

DreamRabbit Sat 25-Jul-15 11:40:42

Here's the blogger wearing it:

And here's where you can buy it:


PetiteBateau Sat 25-Jul-15 11:52:52

Thank you so much flowers

SophiesDog Sat 25-Jul-15 11:53:36

I have this one but have never worn it as the shape doesn't suit me. If anyone's interested let me know!

PetiteBateau Sat 25-Jul-15 12:22:29

sad none left to order.

Catswiththumbs Sat 25-Jul-15 16:05:01

Sophie what size?

SophiesDog Sat 25-Jul-15 17:26:15

It's a 10 or a 12, I can't remember but will have a look shortly.

I've got one person already interested but if they say it isn't any good to them then I'll make a list grin

SophiesDog Sat 25-Jul-15 17:27:59

By the way if anyone's got the Seasalt Torrey dress in a 10 or 12 I'd willingly swap! Can't get that anywhere for love or money sad

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