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Comfortable shorts

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Ausflug Fri 24-Jul-15 09:25:04

Can anyone recommend any women's shorts that are comfortable, and also look nice?

I don't want them too long, I'm happy to show my legs. But I don't want them too short, because, well, I'm not a teenager any more. I want them to finish in the middle third of my upper leg, basically.

A little bit of stretch would be nice.

I want the legs to be fairly close fitting, rather than flopping open to show my knickers if I sit on the floor. But I don't want them to be too tight round the thighs, waist or arse.

I don't want the waist to be too high, I find it uncomfortable.

I don't mind if they are a "casual" material (towelling, thick jersey, light cotton, all fine), as long as they are well cut.

I don't want them to look too sporty. I don't want those little notches cut out at the side of each leg at the bottom. I'd like them to have pockets.

Bright-ish colours are fine. Don't really want denim, or white, or anything too pale that will show the (inevitable) dirt. Patterns are possibly OK.

Can anyone recommend anything?

lutra3d Fri 24-Jul-15 09:28:01

Hush zoe shorts are lovely.

carrie74 Fri 24-Jul-15 11:35:33

I find American preppy companies are perfect at this, so Gap, Banana Republic and J Crew. I've got boyfriend sexy chino shorts from Gap, some patterned ones from BR and the 4" shorts from J Crew. From what I can gather, the Boden ?Bistro shorts are similar.

sleepwhenidie Fri 24-Jul-15 11:38:14

JCrew 4" chino shorts are exactly what you want, comfy, loads of colours and they wash and wear brilliantly.

Ausflug Fri 24-Jul-15 13:00:03

Ooh, thank you. I've never encountered J Crew, but they do look just the right thing, and lots of exciting colours. Lucky they are in the sale though, couldn't afford them otherwise!

I'll have a look in Gap too, as I do prefer to try on in the shop rather than order online and have to send back.

naturalbaby Fri 24-Jul-15 15:20:17

I've been looking for ages and just found a pair in Gap that are really comfy, and a decent length. In the sale and 20% off sale items this weekend.

Tadpoletoatoad Fri 24-Jul-15 15:33:02

Boden shorts are all the things you mention smile

Ausflug Fri 24-Jul-15 16:23:46

Tadpole the first Boden shorts I looked at had rather an eye-watering pattern grin, then I found some nice plain ones in lots of colours, but none in my size except in white sad. I will remember them next year.

Tadpoletoatoad Fri 24-Jul-15 19:53:48

Ah yes, the patterns can be OTT. I have a pair in navy! But they are perfect. Def keep in mind for next year.

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